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By George

DJ Lucid sits down with indie band By George to talk about their upcoming music and tour performances. Tune in to hear their currently unreleased song, "Love It Let Go."

Jasmyn Milan and Jooselord

On this episode of Off the Record, Jasmyn Milan and Jooselord are being interviewed. They are being interviewed for their upcoming performance at Double Barrel. Jasmyn...

Greg Mendez

Tune into this episode of Off The Record to hear about Greg Mendez's songwriting process and musical inspirations.

Will Younts

Listen in on this episode of Off The Record to hear about Will Younts, an English student and instructor at NCSU and musician. Learn about their musical career and the...

Good Deal

DJ Lucid sits down with Raleigh based band, Good Deal, to talk about their upcoming EP release and performances. Tune in to hear their unreleased song, "Circles."

Hiding Places

DJ Lucid talks to the 3 piece band Hiding Places to discuss their upcoming music, performances, and inspirations behind their songs. Tune in to hear their unreleased s...


Listen in to this episode of Off the Record to hear DJ ocean spray interview Juggs, a UNC-based band. Discover more about Chapel Hill's college band scene, the band's ...

Cigarettes @ Sunset

DJ Lucid sits down with 3 members of the band Cigarettes @ Sunset to discuss their upcoming music, inspirations behind their songs, and being a part of the music scene...

Babe Haven

DJ Lucid talks with members of local punk/riot band Babe Haven about their upcoming music and experiences being an all-female band.

Rosie Tucker

On this episode of Off the Record, Rosie Tucker and Wolfy are being interviewed. We talk about outsider music, their new album Tiny Songs Volume 1, solidarity and much...

Alec Lomami

Valkerie and Alec Lomami talk about No Visa's upcoming show at King's, the state of the Durham electronic scene, and the experience of taking a party international.


Tune in to hear DJ Ocean Spray interview the front man of the local band, Sluice. Hear about the inspirations for Sluice's music and what is up next for the band.

Dead Fox No Groove

DJ Lucid talks to 2 members of Wilmington based band, Dead Fox No Groove, about their upcoming music and performance at the NC State fair.


valkerie and Erika and Jess from BANGZZ sit down to talk about their upcoming shows on 9/25 and 10/1, as well as a new album(!) and the impact Nightlight's closing has...

Phonte from Little Brother

Phillip and Kevelle interview Phonte who is one half of the legendary hip-hop duo, Little Brother. He talked about making NC State history, our love for radio, and the...


Radio Bard interviews Jeff Rosenstock, discussing his new album HELLMODE; the lyrics, themes, and overall sounds of the album. They also discuss live music, touring wi...

Wish Queen

The Loaf talks with Wish Queen about her latest single Magic and upcoming album SaturnaliaMagic on Spotify Magic Music Video 

Mark Brady

DJ Steel Nipz and Content Creator Carter Norfleet sit down with local Raleigh based comedian Mark Brady to discuss the art of stand up comedy and share his personal ex...

David Cook

In this episode of Off the Record, Kevelle is interviewing David Cook. He is a rock singer/song-writer who is scheduled to perform at Packapalooza this year. He has re...

Renee from LFG Fest

valkerie sits down with Renee, the mastermind behind LFG Fest, to discuss the ethos of the festival and how it can help connect the area with other DIY scenes


In this episode Off the Record, Kevelle is interviewing Waldemar. They are an indie band from Eau Claire Wisconsin which have been featured on CBS Saturday Morning. Wa...

The Shoaldiggers

In this episode of Off the Record, Kevelle is interviewing The Shoaldiggers. They are a swamp grass band with a one of a kind sound. They are a local 9-piece-band, whi...

Canary Complex

The Loaf sits down and talks to NC Local Artist Canary Complex about their sophomore album The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves.

Max from MAKRS Society

Max from MAKRS Society is the founder of this new music festival. He came in to talk about what it is like running a music festival and their upcoming event, Flower Fe...

Flood District

The Loaf talks with local synth pop band Flood District about themselves and their new full-length Eden To Carry.

My Sister Maura

The Loaf talks with Raleigh local band My Sister Maura about their music, influences and the local scene!


The Loaf talks with Charlotte indie band blankstate. about their ep, full length, and other musical goodness. Check them out @blankstate.official on Instagram.Songs Fe...

Seneca Burns

Plover and Atticus from Charlotte pop-punk outfit Seneca Burns talked about their show on Friday, April 14th at the Pour House, as well as the importance of the Milest...


The Loaf talks with Condado about their new EP Everything I've Done Is Not Enough.


Plover and A-tria mastermind Xavier Latorre talks his journey from Puerto Rico to Asheville, his love of industrial music, and the new sound on his upcoming album TOTAL.

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