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Off the Record: Miya Folick

DJ Beowvlf conducts the first phone interview of the HD-2 studio! Miya Folick calls in and the pair discuss Folick's current tour, which includes a stop at King's, what it means to commit as an artist, and so much more.

Off the Record: Lord Fess

Lord Fess and DJ Iron Mic speak about updates in Fess’ life, including changing his stage name and becoming a father.

Off the Record: Sk, the Novelist

DJ Iron Mic sits down with NC State alumnus Sk, the Novelist to talk about his new album “Baggage.”

Off the Record: J.O and Ty Harriz

DJ Iron Mic, Ty Harriz, and J.O talk NC State cyphers and how they promote the growth of hip-hop, influences, and more in this week’s episode of Local Rap Lunch.

Off the Record: Freedom Infinite

DJ Iron Mic interviews Freedom Infinite! The pair discuss growth in production and stage presence, and how to facilitate both.

Off the Record: Precise Politics

Listen in for the first local rap lunch of the new year! DJ Iron Mic chats with Precise Politics about his sound and how he’s made some of the connections that helped shape some of his work and future plans.

Off the Record: Moon Racer

Moon Racer is back at WKNC for a special DBB episode of The Local Beat and to share what some may call the softest, sweetest music in North Carolina as preparation for her appearance at THE benefit of the century - WKNC's Double Barrel.

Off the Record: M8alla

DOUBLE. BARREL. BENEFIT. DJ Beowvlf sits down with local artist M8alla before her appearance at this years's Double Barrel Benefit. Stay tuned to learn more about her life before music and what it was like to open for a legend at Hopscotch not too long ago.

Off the Record: Young Bull

DOUBLE BARREL BABY!!! Listen for an exclusive interview and a cappella performance by Durham's Young Bull, who will be headlining night two of Double Barrel Benefit!

Off the Record: Madison Jay

DJ Iron Mic chats with Madison Jay about his set at the NC State Fair and the long awaited release of his newest single!

Off the Record: VALLEYS

VALLEYS takes over The Saw’s Butcher Shop!

Off the Record: Groove in the Garden

DJ Brockoli interviews some of the faces of Groove in the Garden, including one of its performers! The group chats about how the festival has changed over time, and what to expect this year.

Off the Record: Oak City Slums Pt. II

DJ Iron Mic brings Oak City Slums back into the station for round two! The Raleigh-based artist talks about his latest release, Not Well, and how it differs from his previous work, then shares some potential future plans.

Off the Record: Boulevards

DJ Beowvlf interviews Boulevards live from Hopscotch Music Festival!

Off the Record: Oak City Slums

Oak City Slums, a former drummer and punk fanatic, talks with DJ Iron Mic about how his varying music interests have influenced his current sound. The two go on to discuss some of his recent work and even play a new track.

Off the Record: Spud Cannon

Spud Cannon stops by WKNC for a lounge session and follow-up interview to discuss their show at the Pinhook, what it was like recording their debut album, and how they first got started.

Off the Record: Shame

DJ Iron Mic brings Shame in to preview some tracks from his newest album, talk about its upcoming release, and share their thoughts on the Dreamville lineup.

Off the Record: JooseLord

DJ Iron Mic sits down with JooseLord and Jovi Mosconi to discuss some new releases and an upcoming performance.

Off the Record: Groove in the Garden

Charles Phaneuf and Adam Lindstaedt stopped by WKNC to discuss this year's Groove in the Garden Festival, hosted at the Raleigh Little Theater and sponsored by The Pour House Music Hall. September 22nd, 2018. Doors: 1:30, Show: 2:15. Special guest appearance and in-studio performance from Emily Musolino, Durham-based guitarist playing this year's festival.

Off the Record: Skylar Gudasz

Skylar Gudasz stops by to speak about the tour she’s been on, the album she is finishing up, and her upcoming show at Kings!

Off the Record: Newman and Benny Okoto

DJ Whatsherface chats with Newman and Benny Okoto about their upcoming show in Raleigh, Okoto's brand new release, and each artist's process.

Off the Record: G Yamazawa

DJ Rhythm chats with G Yamazawa about music vs poetry, what it’s been like working away from the east coast, and whether or not he would ever try battle rap.

Off the Record: Tiki Jenkins

DJ Rhythm sits down with Tiki Jenkins to talk about when he got his start in North Carolina, and to play some of his newest tracks.

Off the Record: Kooley High

DJ Rhythm sits down with Kooley High to talk about their new album release and play some of its best tracks.

Off the Record: Texoma/Dragmatic

DJ Whatsherface sits down with local NC bands Texoma and Dragmatic to talk about an upcoming performance, as well as preview a few songs by Texoma.

Off the Record : Chancellor Woodson

Off the Record: Chancellor Woodson NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson sat down with Atomic Man and Case Sensitive to discuss the music he grew up with, why he hopes disco doesn’t make a comeback, and his take o the resurgence of vinyl. Under the alias DJ Ziggy, the Chancellor divulges the Jackson Browne song he describes as his personal anthem, and the local artists he listens to now.

Off the Record : P.A.T. Junior

DJ Iron Mic sits down with P.A.T. Junior to discuss the release of his new EP "Black & Mild."

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