Tyler Farnes

Appears in 8 Episodes

Wish Queen

The Loaf talks with Wish Queen about her latest single Magic and upcoming album SaturnaliaMagic on Spotify Magic Music Video 

Canary Complex

The Loaf sits down and talks to NC Local Artist Canary Complex about their sophomore album The Tragic Dance of Dying Leaves.

Flood District

The Loaf talks with local synth pop band Flood District about themselves and their new full-length Eden To Carry.

My Sister Maura

The Loaf talks with Raleigh local band My Sister Maura about their music, influences and the local scene!


The Loaf talks with Charlotte indie band blankstate. about their ep, full length, and other musical goodness. Check them out @blankstate.official on Instagram.Songs Fe...


The Loaf talks with Condado about their new EP Everything I've Done Is Not Enough.


The Loaf talks to Raleigh local band AUGURS, about themselves, music, and the local scene.


The Loaf talks to Central NC band Weymouth, about their music, the scene, and other cool topics. Original air date October 10th, 2022.

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