Manifest Music Festival 5

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WKNC's General Manager Maddie Jennette has a great chat with Erika Libero, founder and organizer of Manifest Music Festival that takes place Oct. 15 and 16 in Chapel Hill.

Maddie 00:00
Erica is here yay Would you like to introduce yourself to say why you're here What's going on?

Erica 00:06
Hey everybody I'm Erica I organize manifest Music Festival in Chapel Hill

Maddie 00:11

Erica 00:12

Maddie 00:12
Tell us more well I got a festival happening

Erica 00:16
You know this is our fifth year so it's our it's five years of this happening the whole reason this vegetable even started was like I guess it's actually six years ago because we did take a break during the first quarantine year to like not do anything that makes it but like when we first started this festival is basically there was like this whole article that came out where you'd have like posters right of like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and stuff like that. Yeah, someone took those posters.

Maddie 00:38
Yes, I know. And they just like they erased every band name that was like only either it was only men or only white men and it was like these giant festivals with like, 50 100 people and it'd be like three would be less and

Erica 00:52
It's like, exactly and it was infuriating because it's like all the biggest festivals and like you know it's the representation of music in America it was just awful right?

Maddie 00:59
Yes and so I remember Yeah, I remember that it'sjust this

Erica 01:03
Oh, that's just like hard like math right there like you can't see it it's just like Well there you go. So when this festival was like creative just like hey, well what would happen if we threw a festival what I would pass that test that's it Yeah, you know what I mean? Just like have more representation you know have women each band like have more bands with women in it you know?

Maddie 01:19
Oh yeah.

Erica 01:19
And like that's it and that and that's all that manifests is Yeah, you know, and it's interesting because like after doing this for so many years once you do something like that you realize that like gender kind of goes away once you get all these artists in like one space because like no one's talking about like oh I like that one band with the girls and oh like the one girl band cuz it's always like this like weird like there's one of them and it's like this like weird specially made mine spot like oh you can listen to music or you can listen to like female fronted music and it's just like this weird like a but the thing with manifest is once you put all those bands together that kind of goes away

Maddie 01:51

Erica 01:51
And no one's talking about that anymore they're talking about like hey this artist is amazing hey that artist is amazing hey this artist approaches there are this way and it's like all that gender weight goes away from it because that wasn't like I don't know like we don't i don't know i don't live by that you know i mean that something was put on me right? And it's just like a sex of my life and stuff but

Maddie 02:09

Erica 02:10
So I don't know it's just creating that like rain forest that doesn't exist

Maddie 02:13
The more you talk about this the more I realize how excited I am because this will be my first time going I know it's funny actually. I think so like how I've been discovering things recently is I just like I mean obviously COVID COVID happen blah blah blah, but like when COVID kind of like it's still here obviously that's why we're wearing masks now we're safe but as I started to kind of like be more safe to go out to things I wanted to like find more of like a scene in Raleigh because obviously I have KNC here which is great but like where are the cool concerts where are the cool venues and I was just browsing on Instagram and sometime in like maybe January or February no I don't know sometime maybe over the summer I found the page for manifest Music Festival and I was like this is so cool. This is awesome. And in my brain I was like KNC should work with this turns out we've done that in the past and then you reached out to me like a few weeks ago asked me if we could like partner with and I was like yes, totally I've been planning to go to this but yeah, I am super excited to go for those of you who don't know, I really like on manifest website which by the way is manifest music correct Erica?

Erica 03:17
Yeah, that's it

Maddie 03:18
Um, if you go to like the FAQ page I believe it's like there's a question and it's like what type of music is it and the answer is like it's everything there is no labels I guess if you had to say like a label it's punk rock and then like the next question is like punk as in and it's like punk means everyone and I was like I love that spin that like spirit so for those of you listening to this what type of artists are going to play this festival every type of artists if you want to like elaborate more on that Erica

Erica 03:47
Yeah and yeah it's everything you know, we have like really hard like metally stuff we have like that punk punk punk stuff within the genre punk we also have like, um, a lot of like, I've been calling a beep boop, but a lot of like, kind of like

Maddie 03:59
Chronic electronic, noisy and experimental stuff.

Erica 04:03
Every year we have Spookstina open up the festival and I kind of treat it for me it's like like a spiritual like opening ceremony. I don't know if you know who Spookstina is but she's got like a goddess

Maddie 04:13
Looking at her earlier when I was creating this list. Now that I'm thinking about it has manifest always been in October?

Erica 04:20

Maddie 04:20
So is that why she starts with the set because it's October? I don't know you should start to say that now because it sounds kind of

Erica 04:26
It is kinda like a spooky vibe. It's like the perfect time in North Carolina though because it's like we have that last little bit of like it's still kind of warm. And then usually I manifest like at night it's like you wear your first jacket. Yeah. But yeah, definitely spooky stuff. Um, yeah, we never lean too hard into Halloween though.

Maddie 04:43
But yeah, yeah. I think now just to like cut off on this for a bit. I will play a song by one of the artists playing so I believe if I memorize the schedule correctly. What Erica was was talking about Spookstina is starting off the first set tonight in nightlight it looks like all the artists playing nightlight tonight or more of the like electronic beep boop as you call them

Erica 05:08
Back tonight

Maddie 05:08
Yes i mean i think that's another venue that I discovered like in COVID and I was like how have I never heard of this place I need to go so not only my first time going to manifest but my first time going to nightlight will be tonight. I kind of like came in to KNC liking like indie rock punk stuff but honestly, I've met a lot of cool people here who have kind of introduced me to like electronic stuff so like Sand Pact is now a band that I really enjoy and Sand Pact is closing out nightlight tonight so I believe the lineup on nightlight tonight is Spookstina sister brother How do I

Erica 05:45

Maddie 05:46
That's what it says

Erica 05:47
I belive it's KHXO yes.

Maddie 05:48
Oh, I thought it was just a collection of letters and numbers

Erica 05:51
They, I found them oh my gosh, they played a day a de partie for hopscotch like maybe two three years ago and blew my mind like amazing performer you know amazing music amazing everything amazing dancer like it's just you just have to be there like it's just it's so amazing. I'm just so excited for this entire lineup tonight.

Maddie 06:10
Yes, I am excited I like the thing is and this isn't a bad thing like this is a good thing This means you like booked the festival in a very good way there are so many cool artists playing at the same time that I'm going to be like running everywhere like who do I see next? Who do I see first?

Erica 06:24
Wait, can I make a comment on that? Yeah, so Okay, I did like okay, I did make the set staggered by 20 minutes. Okay, so like everything is like staggered by 20 minutes, so the way and there's like 20 minute changeovers and the sets are long so there's actually ways you can like run around and the venue's are super close if you go to their Instagram we have a map that I hand drew

Maddie 06:42
I was the one who commented on it that was me from this account Yeah.

Erica 06:46
Yay but yeah, so it's like pretty easy like you might I think a lot of people just end up kind of like walking around and like catching it all and I've spaced it out even more than last last time so

Maddie 06:57
That is awesome. Yeah, I mean like I do want to watch a lot of artists but I will probably be in the nightlight for the majority of tonight Just to see all the electronic artists but I'll probably catch catch like piface girls they're also died so yeah, but yes this is fervor by Sand Pact we will be playing manifeste Music Festival tonight at nightlight at 11pm

Erica 07:19
Yes I believe so

Maddie 07:20
Yeah so yeah fervor by Sam pack and keep it locked here Erica and I will be back to talk more about the festival after this

Maddie 07:35
All right that was fervor by Sand Pact who will be playing manifest Music Festival tonight and like I said previously they have the last set playing at nightlight tonight at 11pm but we have a lot of other great artists playing at not only nightlight but also be cave and local 506 so the artists closing out local 506 yeah believe amazing no wow I am going to pull that up right now so I don't miss anything I'm going to pull up what I'm pulling up to all of our dear listeners is the website which is manifest Music Festival .com and I really like this website just like a shout out to Erica on the design one of my main gripes with a lot of like festival is they have all the artists on there and sometimes the artists are just called like for example gown. Now I don't know this band gown but I imagine there are multiple bands called gown and like trying to find a band's music if they're just like on a festival lineup page can be really hard and I love how if you click if you click on the images it says go to link so you can listen to their music more people need to do this. Thank you for for like specifically putting in links to all the artists music so that I can easily find them. Yes, but yes, so piface girls closes out local 506 tonight, their set is at 1140 so Erica and I were just talking while the sandbag song was playing about how I really don't know a lot about piface girls like I know they're a big staple in like the triangle punk scene they've been around for a while pretty big fan base I'd say but like Tell me Tell me more about piface girl What is the story

Erica 09:20
You're gonna have a lot of fun tonight as well I'm going to tell you right now yeah, we're gonna have they've they've you know they I mean they're just a great band, great music great stage presence great people. And they've been with manifests since the beginning. And like, I mean, there's just no better way to close out night one than with the piface girls. So like, I'm excited for you to experience that and everyone else in Chapel Hill, they don't have to travel very often. You know, it's kind of like just for manifests lately, lately. I mean lately it's been COVID But yeah, but so like I just it's really it's really great to bring such like a Raleigh like a great Raleigh punk band to Chapel Hill and like have them you know, just like tear it down.

Maddie 09:55
You said I'm gonna have fun in there set and now i don't know i might be just like making this up. In my head they're called piface girls their shows involve like pies

Erica 10:04
Yeah so it's like there's a lot of pie everywhere and then you put it in your face

Maddie 10:08
Oh my god

Erica 10:11
You got really excited and yeah it was like this whole thing and maybe they'll do it sometime I know they little tricks up their sleeve but

Maddie 10:17
I don't know if that ever happened I might just be like making this up in my mind but yeah, they're like a lot of fun but that's awesome. Yeah, so honestly like I've just been like looking at the lineup which again is manifest Music Festival calm and if you go to the schedule tab, you can see the lineup and a lot of it is bands like I've heard a lot about, but I've never seen live before, so I'm pretty excited. I will did we Yes, I'm gonna play a song from piface girls, and then I will play a song by another punk band. So stay tuned. And to check it out. You're listening to WKNC 88.1.

Maddie 11:02
That was witch hunt by piface girls, which once again, we'll be playing it tonight as part of manifest Music Festival at local 506 and their set starts at 1140 so they were kind of like a punk band. And I just found out during not that song, but the Sand Pact song that was playing that Erica is part of bangs, which is another band that is playing and I was like oh she's in bangs. How cool bangs is another punk band that is also playing manifest Music Festival we play them on KNC a lot. In fact our interview content creator HerMajesty recently interviewed them and I believe that aired on air air during the local launch as well. Yeah, so if you would have heard that as well. I am now back with Erika from bangs and also Erica of manifest Music Festival So talk to me about bangs, bangs and organizing manifest the two of them playing together How does that work? Just

Erica 12:02
Oh my gosh they're definitely different hats Oh yeah. Yeah. Like what where do I start? Yeah, manifest is just like it's kind of like my love letter to like the scene the town and like my love letter to like women and music really it's just like you know that's just like my passion project. I mean, I guess bangs is also a passion project things is just like my feral self like exploding from all angles. Yeah, but bangs is like a two piece like you know punk band. It's me and Jess Cesar Jessie's is on drums. She's amazing. And we just play really hard aggressive punk music. A lot of the titles are statements

Maddie 12:35
Yes, I've noticed that yeah,

Erica 12:38
I mean, I really enjoy it. I mean Yeah,

Maddie 12:41

Erica 12:42
I always say I really like it.

Maddie 12:44
The punk spirit I'm all here for it. I remember, I think I didn't know about bangs until I came to KNC because like I said, Actually, I might have said this before you were in I'm from Charlotte before I came to NC State so I know like the Charlotte bands but bangs triangle bands like I came to NC State I didn't really I didn't know who piface girls were like any of these artists and I discovered bangs I think cuz KNC plays them a lot and I like you're saying the song titles or statements I love like the song titles I really like off the first EP I guess your boyfriend is really bringing you down I just I love that song I love the song title everything about yeah random question they might be backed up at this point but I noticed them at some point all the songs on Spotify disappeared except the main one what happened with that?

Erica 13:27
It's a little complicated it's actually

Maddie 13:29
Is it like record labels stuff?

Erica 13:30
It's not really record label stuff it's little more like less complicated than that but I ended up so your boyfriendd was really bringing you down all those songs were like on a tape right? Yeah. And they were really supposed to be part of their album The tape was just kind of like let's get this out quickly. Yeah. But then so we just released the full album and your boyfriend is really bringing you down and in the songs that tape are now on that album. And now that album is Spotify.

Maddie 13:55

Erica 13:55
So and that's all

Maddie 13:56

Erica 13:57
So that's all there and it's like it's all recorded with just like the drummer now and I just wanted it to be kind of just like are just an entirely us kind of that totally makes Yeah, and so yeah, yeah, but like you should totally check out the new recordings

Maddie 14:10
I think yes, I totally will, we probably I think hell is other people as a single from it right? Yeah.

Erica 14:15
So that's, that's a newer one. Yeah. even newer from the actual newer meaning like it's not on the on the tape, but it's on the album with the

Maddie 14:23
Okay. Yeah, we got a couple of tracks like when I was because I was the local music director at some point I started in January 2020. So right before COVID and then went until like may 2020. And I think in that period, was when you had already released like the first tape or the first EP, but how to release the new album. So there wasn't much to do there but I believe maybe rominger or Cameron Cameron now being the local music director would have like reached out to you and talk to you about that. So like I kind of miss being the local music director because like, when I was the local music director, basically how I ran the position was I followed a ton of bands on Bandcamp on our Bandcamp page so every time they release a new album I gotta get the email I got it and it was amazing and I just feel so out of touch like all these artists are releasing full albums and full songs and unless they play on KNC and I'm listening to the local segment, I might not know that it exists. I guess that just means I need to like use my personal Bandcamp account more often but

Erica 15:22
It's hard to get the word out and that's why like college radio is like so important right? Because like obviously I am someone who lives in the triangle I listened to you all the time and that's how I figure out like or find like bands that I like you know, I'm just in there with my SoundCloud or not SoundCloud soundhound tapping it and stuff, but we're actually making a music video for your boyfriend's really bringing you down right now. I don't know if you've seen our other ones our music videos are pretty wild. There's one with like, the hell is other people music videos like a lot of ramen. It's like the whole concept is I'm doing a self phlebotomy

Maddie 15:51
Okay, all right,

Erica 15:52
But it's actually me pulling ramen out of my brain it's it's really fun it's artistic like

Maddie 15:58
Yeah, so speaking of that, this is hell is other people by bangs playing on at manifest Music Festival Not tonight but tomorrow at the local 506 they are starting off the show at the local five or six tomorrow at 8pm so this is bangs on WKNC for manifest Music Festival keep it locked here Someone is calling in right now but I am Live on the Air so I cannot answer your call right now. But what I was talking about if my mic was on and y'all heard all of that um the good news is that if the mic was on the song was also on playing pretty loudly so hopefully it should have covered just being a DJ this this just happens but um what I was talking about is that um there are a lot of bands like there are bands obviously on this lineup that I've heard of but there are a fair amount that I haven't heard of so Erica, do you have any artists that you're like yes you should definitely check these out their sets gonna be amazing

Erica 16:56
I mean I believe in all these people because I booked them all and like I was acting like seriously vouch for every single one of these acts I mean true um let me see you were just talking about fortezza fortezza is a band from Asheville their a three piece punk band and they also blow minds they're gonna be at the cave. There's augers augers is a big Raleigh band three pieces well I'm getting punk here and punk here by the minute very heavy on it. Let's see who else this is your God is a great band for peace. Oh, want to say I wanted to greensborough but I might just be one of the members but they're very heavy. Screaming they're playing right before the piface girl so you'll probably catch them if you're in there. Very vaxxers vaxxers is a project it's like I keep saying beep boop it's like a digital project. I'm kind of like kind of like stuff from Al Riggs who's also a great yo

Maddie 17:47
I was yeah i was i was looking I was looking at the pictures of the artists and I know al riggs I discovered our rigs when I was the local music director and all of their songs are just really cool and I was as I was scrolling through like the homepage all the artists I saw the picture for vaxxers and I was like Isn't that great? Yeah I think I know this person

Erica 18:05
They are they're really prolific like they I feel like they're just like always writing and creating and content it's just beautiful really but vaxxers i mean i i came upon them stuff I guess like during hopscotch day parties this year and then checked out all their band camp and it's just like it's really good it's really good you know my son says I'll put your band camp on and if I leave it on and just let it play through that means I like it you know what I mean? Like

Maddie 18:30
So then if factors you said is more of like the beep boop things like i well i recognize like Sand Pact from the nightlight tonight and indeed the other ones like based off like I listened to a bit of a mic and tell them more the electronic is all the bands playing the nightlight on Saturday more of like that electronic sound as well?

Erica 18:48
Yeah a lot of them are actually um permanent definitely falls into that category. Permanent is actually me me from kitchen kitchen kitchen ketone oh my gosh, I may be butchering the name that's an A record that just came out on sorry state but they're they're great artists. Permanent is their new project.

Maddie 19:04
Oh yeah.

Erica 19:05
Mama is from Laura gardea she's great very bougie as well but gown gal is going to be your full band. They're kind of like metal but they have like three cellos run through distortion pedals what Oh,

Maddie 19:16
Yes. Awesome.

Erica 19:17
That is worth seeing so gallons actually kicking off a Saturday right? Yes, we Saturday is going to be like a Day party outside with a market on like Graham street which is a street off of Franklin Street. It's beautiful. And right when that day party ends the Knights night party night party, the night venues kickoff and gown is going to be your first show that you're gonna want to see you're gonna want to pile into the nightlight and you're gonna see gown because gown is just it's a spectacle. Like, there's just a bunch of people on stage. Have seen three cellos in a band before?

Maddie 19:44
No I haven't Yeah, like as you were talking about this, like oh yeah, this is definitely something I haven't seen before metal band, but with three cellos render distortion pedals. Oh yeah. I see. I love how I can ask you because like you obviously know all these artists like who do I need to see? See like who's cool and like, you got me gown yeah I will check them out so so

Erica 20:03
What else haven't I talked about um?

Maddie 20:05
So that's Can you see the screen now?

Erica 20:10
Yeah No actually have it on my phone too

Maddie 20:11
Oh very cool well so

Erica 20:13
You have any other questions but sir as a grindcore band so if you want a big wake up slap to the face Yep, there you go area membrane is based on base psychedelic rock.

Maddie 20:22
All right. I'm very heavy very beautiful medalie. Is there like a theme for the cave or local like local five or six is kind of like indie punk is the cave kind of like any punk rock?

Erica 20:34
Cave tonight it's a little like indie punk metal though because in that azura head brain This is your God is very mentally and piface girls is just going to be here like you know sharp nails like pulling you know dragging across something like I don't know I don't know what that metaphor was but it came out

Erica 20:47
You heard it here going to manifest tonight you like electronic beep boop the nightlight you like indie punk type of stuff the cave you like metal weird fun melting brains stuff local fibers

Erica 20:59
That's actually a pretty good at summary. Yeah, agreed.

Maddie 21:01
Well, is there like a summary for Saturday? Like I say,

Erica 21:05
You know, it's just gowns gonna be opening ceremonies you're gonna want to be there because it's gonna be a big boom and then it's gonna be a lot of beep boop dancing in the dark kind of stuff in the nightlight amazing like textural stuff uh Natalie it's kind of dancing it's kind of the vibe of nightlight I know yeah rally kid but like nightlight in general is gets gets kind of like those like really cool DJs like I always thought that they kind of leaned in that beep direction and I think that's why i think i subconsciously put the room together like that is very like their brand

Maddie 21:34
That is I love and appreciate how like you because that that is true like you gotta feel like the not asthetic but like the vibes yeah always yeah get the vibe and then milk breath I actually know I discovered them because men fam are previous he has since graduated now there's no way he's listening but if he is shout out min fam. He was our lounge director during COVID and the reason I want to shout him out is like I don't know you you know about the lounge right? Yeah, prior to COVID it was mainly touring artists like we had the lounge because like when these bands from Philadelphia, California when they're in town for two nights to play it like Cat's Cradle we'd invite them to do a lounge so lounge typically has been like touring bands from other places COVID happens no bands are touring. What do you do now and we had hired min like a month or two before COVID happened so we didn't anticipate this and it's like he is hired in this position has absolutely nothing to do so god bless him he's like okay, well that is true but we can still like be safe because there is a ton of great talent in the Raleigh area so he just went crazy like reaching out to all these like local artists and booked a ton of lounges very cool with artists all over the spectrum like he just did amazing he's like the best ever so that's Yeah, that's how I discovered nope Brett because he booked them for a show in the lounge and I had never heard of them before and I was like wow, these guys are really really good. How have I never heard of them? I think the reason I had never heard of them they're a fairly new then right? Yeah.

Erica 23:07
Oh, yeah. Right new.

Maddie 23:09
Are they like are they were the members ever in like another group?

Erica 23:13
Yeah, so there are two piece but the actual the guitarist Connor is also an augers. Ah, hmm.

Maddie 23:20
Is that one more?

Erica 23:21
And they're playing? I mean, they're kind of getting heavier,

Maddie 23:26
but I guess it's kind of as the band that you said gets more punk every day. Yeah, but getting heavier, heavier every day.

Erica 23:31
Exactly. All right. Yep. I like my one liner descriptions for these bands. That is when it gets punker every day.

Maddie 23:38
Love it. Yeah, but I'm excited to see them because when their lounge was filming, I probably had a class or something I don't know like I like to watch lounges when they filmed them but if you've noticed our lounge room is kind of small and like a lot of people want to do that obviously like a ton of DJs at the station like want to help out they're like oh can I help film and stuff and like we don't have room to fit everyone in there. So they would kind of kind of like kick out a lot of people when we film around but we filmed them to put them on YouTube for people to rewatch and enjoy so yeah, I think I guess I was gonna play fortezza but I'll play the milk breath song now that we have in rotation I believe this might be like a live I don't know I don't quite remember this is drunk girls by milk bread. It might be a live recording. I remember at one point it said it was a live recording and it doesn't have that in the name anymore. Maybe we got like a studio recording. I don't know. But either way. This is drunk girls by milk breath who once again are playing Manifest Music Festival and they are playing tomorrow Saturday at the cave closing out the cave at 10:50pm. This has is currently ongoing an interview with Erica of Manifest Music Festival so keep it locked here. For more Interview fun times and fun song times

Maddie 25:09
That was drunk girls by milk breath which if you are listening to the air prior we have had on our lounge before so if you would like to watch their lounge set Just go to slash WKNC 881 it would have been a few months old at this point but yeah you can watch their set that they have done with us. Next up I have a song by fortezza to play which honestly I'll be honest with you Erica or what I did, because like I could have like found a lot of these artists on Spotify or Bandcamp and plugged up my like laptop here to play the songs but it's so much easier to just find them in the computer and play them so I was just like going through I went to home I looked at all the artists that were playing and just like see if we had them in rotation and then all the ones that we had on like sure I'll throw them in so fortezza is a band that I saw on here and it looks like we have one of their songs in so what's cool about fortezza they cool what's up

Erica 26:04
They're so great I mean yeah, Asheville they're from Asheville, threepeace Um, yeah, and they they've been tearing it up I think they played some day parties in hopscotch and I heard from people that they did a great job and like like oh this band for tests I'm like yes they're awesome right? Because we played with them before like actually played with them a lot and like Winston Salem I guess we played with them once in Asheville as well but they they just rip I mean that's if he wants like pure punk energy like go see some fortezza I believe and I'm not sure Please someone correct me if I'm not right. I think this record was recorded by Missy things at the fidelity REM two, and I might be wrong. It's all right. Y'all can crucify me later. But like no, I think that and that's the person who also did the piface girls record. And Fidel torium is a amazing record studio recording studio in kernersville that's run by Mitch Easter who's like a big person from like the triangle music scene. He recorded like REM and stuff

Maddie 26:56
That's one of my favorites.

Erica 26:57
Oh really? Well there ya go

Maddie 27:00
but now I want to ask where's kernersville? I've never heard of it.

Erica 27:03
Kernesville oh, isn't that like somewhere between like here and Winston Salem?

Maddie 27:06
Okay, I know Winston. Winston Salem is a big town. I have no idea where it is. Yeah.

Erica 27:12
You grew up in North Carolina the whole time?

Maddie 27:15
Have I lived in North Carolina?

Erica 27:16

Maddie 27:16
I live I'm not technically from Charlotte I'm in I'm from Concord, which is like a small town like okay, yeah.

Erica 27:22
Where the mall is.

Maddie 27:24
I live like five minutes from that mall? Yes, exactly. So it's Winston Salem in between Greensboro and Raleigh?

Erica 27:30

Maddie 27:31

Erica 27:31
Or like yeah, it's towards Greensboro between Winston and Raleigh or yeah

Maddie 27:35
Greensboro is like an hour and a half away like here

Erica 27:39
Yeah and it's like toward the

Maddie 27:41
I just like all my friends for some reason well that's not entirely true like a lot of my friends that I've made here at NC State like went to high school in the triangle so they they already know all these big venues they've been going to nightlight since they were like 19 and they know like local punk bands and I'm like I'm from Charlotte and I don't know who all these venues are and all these bands are but like I love Charlotte. Have you have you ever played at the milestone?

Erica 28:05
I have.

Maddie 28:06
It's good.

Erica 28:07
I played at the Milestone. Mostly at Patras oh I can tell you all the questions

Maddie 28:13
Yeah I love that

Erica 28:14
I was actually a tour manager for a really long time so my brain is just usually like

Maddie 28:17
Oh that's awesome

Erica 28:18
Venues and like route times like how long does it take from here to DC it's like that that is what account for traffic that's pretty cool. Yeah it's pretty cool.

Erica 28:24
I actually have never been to Petros or Sun Carver but I know them are I know where they are. Basically how it was is like in high school I wanted to go to a lot of shows. But like not that my mom was strict but like she didn't want me to go to punk shows alone as like an 18 year old kind of understandable and like if it was a school night she was kind of iffy about it so I could typically only go to shows like if a friend agreed to go with me also someone is ringing in shout out to whoever's calling and calling us I don't know it doesn't have the caller ID but I can't answer your calls on air but if you call in we'll see it's confusing because if I say when you call in when a song is playing then I can pick it up but the problem is there's a delay and what I'm talking about where was I I'm so all over the place just shows how excited I am about manifest music great festival but yeah, like my mom like so to go to a show like it had to like not be a school and I and then I had to go with a friend. Thankfully I was able to go to the milestone. I've been there like 10 or so times and I love that place. I always joke that I miss two things from Charlotte ever since moving here to Raleigh, and that's the milestone and lunchbox records.

Erica 29:34
Oh yeah, I know lunchbox

Maddie 29:36
I don't care about anything else in that town. Just the milestone and like lunchbox, I've just been to those places so many times. I love them so much.

Erica 29:44
Didn't milestone, like clean up their bathroom. Did you see that post?

Maddie 29:47
They like remodeled.

Erica 29:49
And it was like there's like just like clean walls and you're like, what is this?

Maddie 29:52
Yeah, I think I saw that. And I was like, Yeah, I remember oh my gosh, the first time I ever walked in the bathroom at the milestone like I had been going to punk venues like I know the bathroom situation but this was a whole other level you just walk in there and the pee pee smell is just like unbelievable and rock and roll evidently nearly just threw up I just had to walk out and say I guess I will not use the bathroom.

Erica 30:15
You know it's the worst that I've visited antique venues like like like look like that smell like that and then have like no doors on the stalls or just like have like like a I haven't one where was like Flags Over the stall so I got it. And it was just like brutal like,

Maddie 30:26
I mean ya know, yeah, it's just for stuff. I know you're a punk venue, but can we please invest in some doors.

Erica 30:33
I guess my big thing was like, toilet paper and DIY houses like let's do this like why we were back in the day before COVID and before times we had like house venues eventually at some point toilet paper would run out and I think that should be our mission to make sure that there's always toilet paper in DIY houses

Maddie 30:48

Erica 30:48
For those who need it you know.

Maddie 30:49
Is this a hot take? Is this considered a hot take? Like DIY is

Erica 30:54
Support toilet paper

Maddie 30:55
Oh my gosh not this yeah well fun punk times. Yeah, I just I'm I'm not super young but like I just feel I don't know like I'm the general manager here at the station but like I don't know like a dream of mine I although it might in your mind you might be like oh god no, it's unbelievable at like, one thing I want to do in my life at some point even if it's just once is like a go on like a US tour with like a band on a popular band or a small band. I know I would have to like live in a van. I know it would be awful for those few months, but it is a thing that I hear bands talk about all the time, and I just want to experience that like

Erica 31:36
I am obsessed with it.

Maddie 31:38
That's good.

Erica 31:39
Yeah, and I think that you could totally do that. Just say that you're like hey, I got to tell them that you'll sell merch

Maddie 31:43
Yes, I am down to drive I will sell merch for you. I play guitar but I'm not good at it. So you don't want me in your band but I will sell merch for you please if you're a band and you're listening to this hire me but the other problem is that I'm currently a student at NC State and I take classes so my availability is limited see like that

Erica 32:06
Summer time

Maddie 32:06
That's yeah, I guess I could do it in summer but then I don't know like that's I guess I just have to wait until I graduate but like I just that is dream at some point just go around just experience tour live is the thing I really want to do

Erica 32:18
And tour life like you can go for a month or you can go for like a week or even a week like that second night on tour like you just don't remember what your life was like anymore. Like you're like I don't remember what life was like before what I do everyday is I drive I drive and then I get here and then I do this and then it's just like it's this beautiful I love as they were talking about the same thing just being free on the road and just like going different places and feeling that last. I don't know that freedom of not being tied down to like a spot.

Maddie 32:42
Yeah, I also want to make sure I hope it doesn't sound like we're like romanticizing this because I know like it's not great. I've heard it's like not great. Like there are struggles obviously you like sleep in a van sometimes you don't have like a place to stay or sometimes the opening band like they don't give you the money or whatever. All this stuff, right but like like I said it is like a thing I want to do at some point in my life. So hopefully it happens at some point. But um, I think I just have this song by fortezza to play. And then after this song plays we'll just like talk a bit more about the festival, give some quick more information about it to all the listeners and then that can conclude the interview. That sound pretty good?

Erica 33:22
Sounds great.

Maddie 33:23
All right, so this is dropped by fortezza which once again is playing when are they playing tonight at the cave at 10:20pm. So be there and catch fortezza.

Maddie 33:45
That was dropped by fortezza. And now as we close out the hour, I'm just going to talk to Erica a bit more for those of you who are just tuning in or who really want all the information what is going on and what needs to happen. So this is manifest Music Festival it is happening in Chapel Hill right next to UNC campus. It is technically spread across three venues, the nightlight, the cave and local 506 but they are all within walking distance of each other not far at all. If you've never heard of any of these venues, they are actually also within walking distance to Cat's Cradle so the same type of area. There's also a ton of like food and bars in the area so you're able to get snacks and stuff as well. I can't really remember if I said this already, but this is tonight, Friday and tomorrow Saturday. You can view the whole lineup and more information at manifest music Oh another thing I want to shout out WKNC we will be there not as performers but we have a merch table at local 506 that's the plan at least so we will have patches pins, the dinosaur t shirts, logo t shirts, any of that stuff you can meet me meet some of our other DJs come and tell me how much you love WKNC yeah so I plan to have the merch in local 506 both Friday and Saturday will be with all the other bands merch as well so come support the other bands merch um I think I said all I want to say Erica Do you have anything else you want to add?

Erica 35:18
Yea just uh note that you know the shows kind of kick off early and yeah, this is a punk festival but this is no punk time. Yes, everything will be on time.

Maddie 35:26
Okay, awesome. Yeah, and the times like bands start playing on Friday tonight at eight and then they start technically tomorrow there's a free day party that happens at 2pm outside but then the bands in the venue start playing at 730 tomorrow tickets are still available again at manifest Music Are you also able just to walk up to the venue?

Erica 35:51
Yes you can definitely walk up.

Maddie 35:53
So you can purchase them online or you can just go to the venues and purchase them so again manifest Music for all the information and stuff like that and I think that's all I have to say

Erica 36:06
Yeah, the Instagram is also a good resource. Oh, for quick schedule maps.

Maddie 36:10
Yeah, and is the Instagram just Manifest Music Festival as well?

Erica 36:14
That's whoa good question.

Maddie 36:15
I think it is because I tagged the Instagram in my story post the other day

Erica 36:19
I can see the account.

Maddie 36:22
There might be like an underscore at either the start or end of it is there. We'll find out.

Erica 36:29
Manifest Music Festival manifests festival now it's just all run together

Maddie 36:33
One word Manifests Music Festival no underscores just on Instagram and I assume I think I saw you like I got a notification on my phone that you like tagged or you bangs tagged KNC in your story. So I imagine if you follow the manifest Music Festival into an Instagram page that will be Instagram Stories from the entire event. Probably?

Erica 36:53
Yeah, definitely. Oh yeah,

Maddie 36:55
So check it out.

Erica 36:56
We're running around and everyone please like you know, take videos and stuff and tag us in it. repost it because someone here

Maddie 37:02
Do this same thing for KNC as well. I will also be posted on our Instagram story, tweeting it up on Twitter, you know all that good stuff. But I think that closes it out. So yes, Manifest Music Festival tonight and tomorrow Chapel Hill. Thank you all for listening. This has been a WKNC 88.1 FM HD one interviews with me Maddie, the general manager at the station. Keep it locked here for more great music.

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