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What's up everyone you're listening to WKNC at 88.1 FM HD-1 Raleigh, we're a student run nonprofit radio station based out of North Carolina State University. I'm DJ Lucid and this is off the record. Here with me today are five extremely talented members of the rock'n'roll band from the mountains of Boone. The weasels, so welcome in you guys. Let's do some introductions. Heck, yeah. Thanks for having us. I'm TJ, I'm the drummer. Alright, I'm Andrew. I am one of the guitar players. I'm Jack I'm the lead singer and lead ADHD man. Kill weasel here. I'm head Slapper, the bass department.

Joey and I'm the other one of the guitar. Um,

and so you guys are coming from Boone? How long have you lived there?

Well, maybe like six years or something like that. For all of us.

I got there in 2021 in the fall quarter.

That's the same for me. 2021.

Yeah. A lot of years for me.

For me, all right.

I think so. Yeah. Long enough. Yeah.

Well, we at WKNC. Appreciate you guys being here today. Arguably one of the most important questions when I'm talking to bands, Where did the name the weasels come?

Oh. Yeah, that was me and Andrew, in the fall of 2021. We lived in the dorms together. And we were both playing a lot of black ops two zombies. And in one of the zombies maps, there's an Mob of the Dead. There's a character named the weasel. And we were like, Wouldn't it be cool if we had a band called the weasels?

And it was also funny because we were struggling to pick a name. And like we had like two other names before the weasels. And I like remember me and Joey just sitting in the dorm. And I was like, What about the weasel from like mom or the dad and we both were like that. So that's how we got the name.

I was pretty adamant on having the name too. Yes. And so let me have the something. Weasel satisfies that. Everyone's got a little weasel. Weasel time? Yeah. Crikey. To count you reckon?

How many people in the studio to think you've said crikey before?

I'm gonna say none.

We're setting a record, right.

So you guys have been working together since 2021. About three years now. Um, well, how did you guys meet and besides come together as a band.

I met TJ weasel here jamming out at our buddy Ryan Williams backyard. He said that he met a guitarist at the noble kava, and he was teaching me how to play bass. So I was at Durham Park and upstate learning bass when Jack started skateboarding by

it was also I saw I knew this guy Logan was take that box and read, it become facsimile and we were jailed for a while, and he knew Calum. And then all of a sudden, we just started hanging out, we went to music store awesome drumsticks. And that week, I texted Caleb, I was like, Yo, I found a drum set free on Facebook, you want to get this with me, and then put it in the garage. And then through that, we all just started kind of meeting each other. I met join Andrew because they were starting their own separate band. And then through that we quickly decided let's form a different band. And we got Caleb in on bass. Originally, I was a drummer, and then like meet singer. And so we knew TJ was too talented to give it away. And so when we saw him jam with other people were like, oh, we need him in the week. And so we joined then we just kind of been going do they were all kind of doing music in our own. Right. And then, like the weasels, for most of us was like our first actual band. And so we were very lucky to be able to keep going from that. Yeah,

so you guys have been collaborating as a band and then becoming friends you would say? Definitely, I

would say friends. kind of came a little bit first for me. Yeah, I

would agree with that. That's

definitely true. I mean, you and me, Caleb very quickly bonded. Because we were playing in the separate band and you were out in the garage and I was playing Have some old Nirvana riffs on guitar and you were super into it. And then I think that night or the next night, we all went out together to Boone saloon. And we were like, Oh my God, these guys are awesome. And it kind of like went from there. So I would say maybe maybe friends first.

And me and Joey have known each other, like, we've been friends since like fifth grade. So I've definitely been friends with him before, like the band. And then I would say, Caleb as well, because it was a similar thing, like just hanging out in the garage, like getting to know him. And then also, TJ, too, like, we hung out a little bit before, but I think we also like prioritize our friendship, like just as much as we prioritize the band stuff. So totally,

but not more. It's yeah, because like when it started, we're all learning how to be a band, while also learning how to be friends. And that was definitely a learned process. And it continues to be as it should be. But especially with time, we realized that, for the friendship will always be probably number one. And we find it makes the band stronger, makes the connection stronger.

Yeah, definitely. I mean, it adds to the chemistry that we have uniquely, like onstage, you know, makes you play. But I wasn't friends with you guys. I wouldn't be up there having as much fun as I do. We

don't want to be a cliche band that grows up to hate each other. We want to show us a different way to do it. You can be in a rock and roll band, you can keep your head level at the same time. Yeah.

And how does this chemistry and these priorities how do these things affect your writing process and your collaboration as a band?

I would say we all bring something a little different to the table, whether it be an idea or a riff drumbeats words.

Definitely, yeah,

we'll have so many different influences. Yeah. And definitely, like there's a different background to each person. Yeah,

absolutely. Break it down. You got TJ, he's the back. He's the drums and his influences. So that Barnum, you know, seven years, early origins of rock and roll, and you gotta answer with this virtuoso guitar playing like the Steve Eisen, those kinds of guys. And Joey's like, just the epitome like that 90s alternative movement that's, like, so strong and still alive today. And he got killed, which is like this funk master on the bass was so it's just, it's definitely a sonic blend. And we found there's no one right way to write a song. You know, as long as we we like what we're hearing. It's always a good starter, you know, nothing wrong with just going in the garage and jamming out some teams and seeing what sticks. Yeah.

So would you say it's more of a collaboration than divided between instrumental and lyricism?

i Oh, yeah. I say so. Because it's not like I don't come to the guys with lyrics and be like, Hey, I wrote this song. Let's write some music to it's like, one guy will have an idea or will be jamming they have something and that's like Alright, Let's jam it and let's do I can throw on over this kind of dough and build it up from there. Pretty much usually

like a whatever starts the song changes so much after the other four instruments have been put on it. Definitely.

Definitely made some sounds like hey, like that started as like a baseline with Caleb. Satisfied. It was a riff that Andrew had the doorman conniption was a riff that Joey had and the drumbeat that I had and just kind of keeps building up from there. And we find we still do it that way.

Brutus was written on an acoustic guitar.

Yeah, just more heavier songs. It started off as an acoustic. I think it was satisfied

on an acoustic too, because I was in Pennsylvania. Really? Yeah,

I wrote conniption over Christmas break. And I only wrote that original. Like that original riff. And then five minutes before band practice the week coming back from Christmas break. I was like, well, we need a verse. And like, what, like almost walking out of the door from the dorm. I like wrote that. And I was like, Does this sound like a verse that would work? And you're like, Yeah, that sounds good. And then that was like, basically like the song was like written right then.

So even though you guys only started releasing music this year, I think, how long have you been making music in general?

I never did. I jammed in my basement for 12 years before coming to college or so well, that's making music Well, I mean, yeah, but I never never like a song or anything. I'd always jam with my brother who plays guitar. And then my first real time I was in a band my freshman year and things didn't work out and then really took a hiatus until the weasels.

For me, I've been like writing music since like, high school. Like I've, I've been like, trying to, like do stuff on my own and in my room, like, I'll write and record things, but I've never like really released any of it. I just kind of do it for fun. But that definitely, like helped with like, learning how to write a song, you know, for a band, but I'd say I've been doing it since then.

It was me it was my childhood toy was a drum set. Like my dad was a drummer, and I never took it to a serious level of like being a touring musician. But it was that was like my childhood toy. I wasn't good at sports. I just did that. But never did a band. Then came to bear in 2021 Just kinda got, you know, consumed by our local scene there. And then from that started joining bands during the weasels all created that and over time, just

what we're left with growing up in high school, I had a buddy who I would always play 311 with on guitar, we couldn't really figure it out. I also found when my parents were moving a little book that I had written chords, strumming pattern and lyrics, too. And I had a good laugh at that.

I didn't actually start really playing guitar seriously until I was 18. And I'm 23 now, but it wasn't even then until COVID that I started to take it more seriously. And I started taking lessons online with a classically trained jazz guitarist, who lives in New York named Steve, and I still take lessons with him. And you know, it means a lot to me. That's, that's like when I really started to take it a lot more seriously. Oh,

a jazz guitarist. That's really different from what you guys play. That's

what I basically do, like outside of the band like is like, I mean, I'm working on a loop Basa improv piece for a recital that he's doing with students, which is much different than the kind of music that we play.

Well, like, it still kind of transitions over, like

licks and stuff all the time. You too, right? Yeah, yeah. I

I also, like, I stopped taking lessons just because of time, like me and him had like, I was with that guitar teacher for like, a few months. But I I stopped by have I've taken like guitar lessons, I think since I was like, 12. But I never did jazz stuff until I met that guitar teacher.

Yeah. So I guess the funny thing is, we still all like raw right music and like do stuff with music outside of weasel still. Like, like right now TJ is like learning guitar a ton. Like I'm trying to learn guitar as much as I can, too. And like, right and like it is full country songs. But

then Caleb, Caleb is great. Yeah, kill a great guitar. As the

former we all even though like, you're still writing so much for the reasons I have so many songs that have yet to be recorded. Like we're all still just creatively, like challenging ourselves and all the other areas that we can.

Yeah, your music has a really blended style. It's kind of well, it's like, obviously rock and roll. But I feel like I hear a little metal in the background there sometimes.

The guy who mixed it was Yeah, big metal guy, Jackson,

Jackson, Yancey, and Felspar.

Um, what kind of themes do you guys like to tackle in your songs?

That's a good question, man. So that's a great question.

That's a great, that's a very good question. Um, the main thing is, we try to reflect things that we just see in everyday life. And that comes down to the happy joyful moments and the sad but also real moments. And so a lot of songs Brutus. It's a pretty heavy song. And lyrically, it suits that flow. It's a it's a whole anti bullying song pretty much. And so that song is purpose, the goal of that one, spread awareness on child suicide. Boy, we all we all care a lot about next generation know, Ben, we care about this world a lot, too. So we hope someone can gain something from that. Well, then there's things like conniption where the whole point of that one is like, just have a fun time. But don't lose yourself in the moment. You know, the song goes, We're not here for a long time, we're only here for a good night. also talks about not being used, you know, because you got to be able to stand up for yourself. Now you can stand up for others. And so just constant themes of struggle on successes. Just try to throw that in there as much as we can. But duality, duality life, at the end of the day, life is a duality. And we just want you to to reflect that Navara songs have that good

answer. So do you try to keep your lyrics more general or pretty individualized?

We want it to be accessible for everybody. Definitely. I mean, personally, like it's one of those lyrics. My life isn't there. Their lives are on at the end of the day is written so everyone is awesome. Do

you guys have any notable influences that you feel really inspired by influences?

My cousin to start out he's got me into German shout out will. Musically I'd say definitely some Zeplin like Jack said with bottom chili peppers. Travis Barker had a quick little punk punk era there. Greta Van Fleet most recently, probably, um,

for me, first off my dad because he like helped me start learning guitar when I was younger. So without him, I would not know how to play. So thank you, dad. Um, also like as far as music is concerned, I'm really big into Steely Dan I love them a lot, as in top point 05 of their listening. They're a big one. I also really like guitar players like, like Jack said, Steve Vai, and like Joe Satriani and Guthrie. Go Vaughn, Guthrie GoPhone probably is like the biggest of those that has, like, influenced me. But yeah,

I'd say that's probably definitely inspired by all those who came before legends of rock and roll. And we all know I think we those people would be. But to be more personal, I'd say my dad is one of my family in general. You know, I'm there with my family. And always want make sure you do them justice, because they do a lot for you. And my dad was a drummer. And so it's always neat to do that. And I had a cousin who was he was a pioneer in the Chicago punk rock scene, this band called Naked Reagan. And I definitely take a lot of influence from his approach to building community where you're locally based, and that's a big one for me, but when it comes to bands, I got to throw out Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters. Andrew mentioned top 05 For Steely Dan, I wasn't top 0.05 For Foo Fighters. Being a drummer became a frontman.

Kill Weasel is inspired by all music in daily life

for me, definitely. I mean, I gotta say some for my for my dad who got me a guitar when I was probably like, nine or 10 and show me some chords, and then I really never touched. Then when I was 18, it was there and it was ready. And then I was finally you know, I was ready to learn and my mom is well, who's always supporting me through music when you know, growing up, her parents wouldn't have always wanted to help support our kids doing something like you know, in the arts, and you know, she was always supportive of that. And for bands for myself, I would say like, my personal inspiration would be like, Allen, Allan Holdsworth and Pat Martino. And for the weasels I take a lot of inspiration from Wayne and from early nirvana.

Gotcha. So speaking of inspirations, you guys just came out with a new single not even a month ago, conniption, congratulations. And what inspired this other than the gin.

I think for this one base that we are in the college town, you want that song that college people can identify with, you know, if we're, we all want to have a good time. It's like, what do we want to hear? We're having a good time. I was trying to write that. So I think that was definitely lessons for conniptions for sure.

I mean, I just felt proud writing a very driving riff. And when I first played it, like, you know, and thought of it, I was like, wow, that is like really catchy. And that feels good. Because a lot of musicians struggle with writing stuff and immediately being like, yeah, like, I

don't feel competent about it. But I was like, this is really cool. I'm really proud of that. It

was a cool movie. I was like, we're early songs. It was like the second or third song we had written. I wasn't

even in the band. Yeah.

I was thinking

that was cool, just because like we saw it grow over time. But like when it started, and we heard, can we play that down? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, like, Oh, we got something. We're a band. Now. We're not just guys, you know, jamming in the garage, you know, having a PBR. So we're, we're a band, we can do.

All right, so one more question before we take a break. You guys are really big on social media promoting and form to interact with your fans and everything. You know, you even started your own trend to promote the release of your song. Hey, hey, hey, yeah. So is this important to you, that social media aspect of everything

is becoming a necessity as much as the nowadays? Yeah, no, it's one of those things where we don't want to be anybody that we're not like the other day, we're just trying to make our music. And we want to do it together as long as we can. And so with that comes, we feel you got to be socially active. And the beauty of that is you can interact with your fans, anywhere, they don't have to be based in your hometown. And so our goal is like, we want to our fans feel part of it, because the US the weasels as a family, we want to have the biggest extended family we can. But with that comes with social media. We want to make you laugh a little bit. We're a rock and roll band. We make each other laugh, we crack each other up. You know, there's there's never not a dull moment with us. And so we want the various reflect that if you're gonna see an advertisement from us, you're gonna laugh your butt off in the process.

It's also nice too, because it's another like Would it be creative? Oh, yeah, like Yeah, the music side and then you can also just see what you can do be a comedian.

Different persona.

Yeah, exactly. seekbar ordering condition drink.

Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's awesome.

Man. I love it bit from Spider Man and

like, hey, it's like, that's such a catchy like, you know a little saying, like, anyone can say, hey, like, when I call like a friend or family answered the phone, it's like, hey, let's just say hey to people. Like, let's spread that around, you know, as people forget to look up and say hi. And nowadays,

we're just like walking around the library with that, hey, hey, hey, sign. And this is how you were doing? Oh, yeah, these people are studying and, I mean, it's just as fun time too, because, like the weird looks that we get, but I mean, I'd say like 90% of the time we get a smile to

our music shouldn't be an escape and it is an escape for a lot of people. And so we know it's been an escape for us. And we hope we can provide that for somebody else. A very positive way.

That's good. I think on that note, we're going to take a short break to play all conniption by the weasels and we'll be right back.

You just heard conniption by the weasels here on WKNC.

Thank you Caleb. That was beautiful. I did it better than I could have done. And now we got to talk about your performances Oh

you guys have been super busy this year. And where have you guys been playing? Everywhere? Yeah,

we just finished up at Cat's Cradle last night, the first time which was exciting, super cool venue. Awesome. That was a fun one. And we've been making the rounds across the state a good amount and then doing a good amount our local town of boom. It's been a fun one because we've been in promotion mode for a lot of stuff. So it's nice. How have you

been promoting this?

We've been making. Like, just call each other up in a corner of the house. Let's have a fondling last night on a Tuesday and make some, some little skit videos. Promote the song.

Basically sock puppets y'all watch out for those sock puppets.

I feel like it's nice to do like the comedy stuff to promote our music. Because you know, a lot of times you will be scrolling, you'll see a promotion you just don't really think about a lot. But if you get something that's gonna stick in someone's head, like, it goes a long way

down the air like 10 Second tic TOCs. Like we're making, like 33 minute YouTube you know, old school YouTube style, and it's fun. So we grew up watching our kids. So it's like, keep making it. Watch

out for those videos. But also watch out for some hidden CDs around your venues.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, we're putting the CDs across the state across the country with our EP on it, kings of the forest. So it's kind of people to find it will be Southern California, southern Colorado. Obviously, North Carolina is gonna have the most especially boon for the Boone listeners. But yeah, he strikes.

Hello, CD listeners.

What performances do you have coming up?

Performance wise, a lot of local ones in Boone on the radar here soon Boone Saloon in March, or April, right. Something like that. Before. Main thing right now we're putting our efforts into is getting all right music as always the first few songs that we have recorded now because a lot of these we wrote a few years ago. And locally, they're known, but we ought to get them kind of spread out still. Yeah, we so we've been an EP mode

we've been focusing on like, definitely like putting out our music, which we do have like another song coming out. I think March 8, right. Yeah. Yeah. And then we planned for the EP to come out. March 29. Yeah. So we've been focused heavily on that, because it is kind of funny. We've been a band for like, three years. And this is our first time putting out music. So we're all kind of learning as we go. But we had to get it right. Yeah, definitely. This

summer, we're planning on doing a lot of East Coast shows. So for those across the East Coast. Stay tuned for that.

And do you want to tell us a little more about this upcoming EP you have?

Yeah, this EP is a collection of our first six songs. It's called kings of the forest. And that three singles for it. And then three little extra jewels on the foi P itself. And it's just a showcase of the original six that we wrote and our Grace while we were still all students

are first time we ever wrote on their boring rock song. Yep, yeah, first

song we ever wrote. So it's a treat, because over time, we've just, we've noticed these songs grow. And for those who have seen us live, they've known these songs, and they've seen them grow. And so there's a lot of built up anticipation. Now. We're super stoked on that. Yeah, it's pretty diverse

to like, some like classic rock and kind of toe the line of metal and funk and,

yeah, it's a total Sonic blend of rock and roll. You got everybody's influence in there. There's for those who want that catchy song they can dry fast in their car to you on the highway. They got it for those that want to groove out. funk out. Feel the vibes we got it if you're wanting to go crazy. It's some anger out. We got it. You know,

we don't promote driving fast on the highway though.

No. Well, you can be our motto is you can be silly. Just don't be stupid. Yeah. All right.

Well, while we're on the topic of your performances, you guys have a really a centric presence when you perform the cheetah. That's exactly the costumes.

Right? Do you wear cheetah leotard? Every now? I credited that goes to Caleb and TJ. I was sitting in the living room one time and they burst through the door. They go Jack, we got you a prison. I'm like what you get and the pug this woman's Halloween costume? No, it's surprisingly well. And so I think you just asked her that. I mean, she just needs a century but you look at all of us. We got our long hair all moving onstage me and no one standing still at our shows, you know? And so it just adds that layer of fun to

it. feed off each other's energy. And yeah, hold it because energy you give out as a performer is only like received by the audience. Yeah. Is

that like a big part of your rock image all those like eclectic aspects of your band.

It's just us being us, you know, at the end of the day, I think, but nobody has become like our image. But we're, we're not trying to be anybody that we're not. It's more fun this way. I mean, that's what all is risk together. You know, when I first met Caleb, I think this is one of the funniest, nicest guys I've ever met. Same thing for each and every member, you know. And so it's just we want our personalities to be reflected, as honestly as true as they can.

And when you get off a performance like that, what's going through your head? What's the energy like?

The post show? Blues?

Yes, that's extreme highs, from all the excitement of seeing people and just being connected with people. You know, that's the beauty of music, you get connected with people by talking. And so when you have all that excitement, and you walk off that stage, it's like, all people go.

You only want more, you only want more,

you know, because at the end of the day, if you're seeing someone having a good time, and you're having a good time. Oh, do you ever want to get rid of that? You know,

do you guys have any stories of your first live performances as a band? One

time? One time I ate a whole Ransomes pizza for performing.

I also ate a chili pepper, right? Oh,

yeah. I we've had some chili, Hot Red Hot Chili Peppers graded into my beard. And I ate one on stage while standing on my bass amp. Oh,

yeah. covered the chili peppers for Halloween show. Yeah. And so for the backstory.

Yeah. Early shows. There's a venue that used to play out a lot in Boone called ransom. ransoms. If you read some old dirty masterpiece ransoms. And there was no shy of all moments at that like venue. There's one time we're playing outside and we covered goofy goober rock and the guidance in fish and fish nets. I decided to climb a tree and a tree and then jumped out of the tree thought the sound

guy was gonna be like No, but he'd like hand to jack the mic.

That was that was a good time. Nick. That's awesome was like our first shows were there and they had a stage for one point. And that was just always a good time because our local town of Boone is very supportive music community. And so the moment we started playing there we got were very well received. It was it was a blessing. Not many bands can say that. And so we've we've had our we've had our fun, that's for sure you've got

no idea what you're in for it.

Anything can happen anything and everything.

Just yesterday, Jack kicked me in the head on stage.

I did I did. David Lee Roth and jumped kicked Andrew by accident

our very first show you were kneeled at ransom the very first show you this jumped up after being kneeled down and stood all the way up into my guitar headstock. Oh. So hard and like I was almost like oh,

I jumped off of going from 74 moved the drums said

Oh, Aces, crowd surfing.

Crashing cells with a guitar head.

Jack will jump into the mosh pit with

Oh, yes, definitely. I mean one time killed got proposed to one of our friends. Cohen Cohen you know, yeah, you got

a rosin put in your mouth right? Yeah, we were playing and

we all had walked up on stage and put a rose in my

I did very nice. elderly lady hug me and not like go meet up in saloon

we've got doing the worm on stage.

Cat's Cradle. I've regularly had quarter inches break on my pedal board fo either jack or from the crowd jumping onto the stage and like, right, like, you know, in the middle of show it's like, oh, my quarter inch is like snapped away.

Just this past Thursday. We had a good chunk of the crowd fall and fall

on top of my paddleboard.

Yeah, I had I've had beer poured in my like billboard I've had mine is on like death's doorstep. I

was thrown pedals before

because because I've had my pedal board since I was 12. So it's, it's not doing too healthy.

It's not actually a board. It's a bag.

It's a bag.

I I'm not good enough for a board.

We've had plenty of strings break guitar strings, bass strings, drum heads.

Low E on a song and then the next one I strung it back up. Next one broke my my A was I've never broke those strings like playing in my room. But of course, like if we're live, it's like

I got I stressed fractured my foot on Thursday, and the crowd is jumping around. And you know, Nike Blazers don't have the best support for your artists. And I like to jump on my right foot is not doing too good.

We usually head bang so much that our necks are sore for the next several days.

We called the bank over. We'll cover a crazy train every now and then I'll just run in place the whole time. Good eight minutes. 30 mile time right there. So we're burning the calories.

Do you guys play a lot of covers at your shows?

No, not really. We're pretty heavy. Like, like I've influenced us. No, I mean, I will say we cover Love Story by terrorists with you.

Taylor Swift, Danny Cobb, we do Swifties every now and then. Oh, teenage dirtbag.

I don't know why I'm surprised. Yeah,

we go in a couple of covers for fun, you know, because we love doing them. The crowd loves them, you know, but at a time like one of our originals to kind of be the main thing that we're doing. We just enjoy writing music, you know? Yeah.

Well, it sounds like your stage presence is just so heavy. And I think we all want you to come back to Raleigh. But I also think that all of this is one of the many reasons why you guys were nominated for boons, best local band. Oh, yeah. gratulations so

much, that's fun to be nominated for that, just because like we're big on just supporting the community that we're from. And that music scene welcomed us. And we want to welcome and just have fun with everyone who's a part of it. So it's cool to be well received by the time you're in. We got some exciting news on that, that people can look forward to seeing you

guys have a lot of exciting stuff coming up. And before we close off, you guys just recently released a new single Hey, hey, hey.

Shout out Spencer.

Spencer and

one of our friends would always say, hey, hey, hey, hey. And then Caleb wrote this song, and he just yelled, Hey, hey, hey, and then that went with it.


so tell us a little more about the single

songs a slap in the eardrums for all your bass and theories out there. Sometimes we play it and double time. You know, it's a super, super fast paced drum beat and bass combo with a little bit of a word.

I mean, it's a pretty shuffle in there are all the drum nerds out there. It's a

fun catchy little team. I mean, the bass line is like the lead guitar at first, which is always fun. And it just builds from there. If we tried to follow that, you know Nirvana II pixies approach of having that chill, good verse and the chorus is exploding. Yeah, you know,

you'd like wah pedal.

That's awesome. Cry Baby Wah. Yeah.

It's makes it feel the love a little bit. This song says safely unsafely. It's funky. It's gravy.

All right. Well, thank you guys. And one more question before we close off. What do you guys love about music,

spreading the love.

I love being able to like, creatively do something and also do it with a bunch of people that I enjoy being around.

I love how music connects people in groups that you would not originally think would work but it's bonds over everything else.

There's a lot of division in the world right now. And I feel like music is one of the few things that can bring people together. Because I

love the creativity and the spreading what you're passionate about. You feel like you have a voice when you're on stage. Definitely.

I mean, playing music is kind of just everything. Universal Language and you know, in my personally my darkest moments, and my happiest moments, there's always a song. Everyone's got a song too. You know, and just happy to be adding some more songs out there. Right Crikey. Oh, I

didn't know we were gonna get it in but we did. Oh, it was a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you so much for coming in.

Thanks for having us.

Thank you NC State

mica wolf pack pack bride

TJ Lucia.

All right. I appreciate y'all for tuning in. And you can check out the interviews I do with other local slash pa castes by clicking on off the record. I'm DJ lucid this is off the record and you were just listening to the weasels on WKNC 88.1 FM HD one Raleigh I'm gonna send you off with one more song by our friends called Hey hey hey so make sure to tune in Thank you for listening and I'll catch you next time

say lucky day on a Monday even though you want to walk with me

roll with this watch rock

back to the bar

day was moving away from us it wasn't rocking

back in

my God

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