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WKNC General Manager Maddie interviewed Raleigh band Truth Club on September 18th before their show with Indigo De Souza.

Maddie 0:00
Hello everybody you are listening to WKNC at 8.1 FM HD one Raleigh and I am in the studio with truth club. They have a show tomorrow opening for Indigo de Souza at Cat's Cradle so they stopped by the studio to just talk about the upcoming show and about their band and stuff. So, my name is Maddie. I'm the general manager here at the station. So truth club. Can you introduce yourself?

Yvonne 0:23
I'm Yvonne. She her?

Maddie 0:25
What do you play in the band?

Yvonne 0:28
I play? Sometimes bass sometimes guitar sometimes synth.

Elise 0:33
Hi, my name is Elise. I play drums in truth club.

Travis 0:37
Hey, I'm Travis. I play guitar and I sing in the band.

Maddie 0:41
All right, cool. Introductions over now we can get into the question. So the first question I have is I saw y'all set at hopscotch, the Ruby Deluxe Day party. And a lot of the set was brand new songs like a lot of them. So is that safe to assume that a new album or new releases is in the works?

Travis 0:58
I mean, yeah, of course, broadly speaking as in, we're working on the song. Yeah, we didn't like double barrel of of 2020 was like the last time we played music together. I think I could be lying. I think we might have had a practice after that. But essentially, that was like the last time we played music before COVID happened. And because we all lived in different households, we figured we wanted to keep each other safe and be safe ourselves. So we didn't play at all. Until we all got vaccinated in like, April, May. So I think we are trying to make up for a lot of last time and get like an anticipation for the shows that we're playing like, try and work out as much new material as we can. And hopefully we're going to still have new songs. I don't know. I think that not at sounded weird. Nevermind.

We're gonna have new songs. I guess what I mean is I just hope that we will continue to keep working on stuff as like, effortlessly and as easily as we have with these songs. So hopefully, there will be a new album soon. So new released new Yeah, new release. Very cool. Because like, the reason I asked that is like, I was gonna say this, but then I was trying to think of like bands to fit the example, but I couldn't really think of a ton, but I feel like, you know, like, when you're in college, or even high school and you start like a band with your friends you release like an album or EP, and then everyone like goes their own ways. So typically, like smaller local bands might like record one album and then go their own way. So kinda like, based off that course. First question. Did y'all ever anticipate to like be a band for this long? I mean, how long is the band been together at this point? Since 29.

Elise 2:32
Cowboy was kind of a thing too. Yeah. Yeah. Travis and I started playing together in I think, fall of 2016. Yeah. So truth club, more or less started end of 2016, beginning of 2017, depending on when you want to call the official start date.

Travis 2:51
Yeah. And me and Elise were kind of just, just not goofing around. But you know, we were just we're testing the waters. And then we were we had a tour planned.

That summer of 2017. And my friend Cameron, who is not present with us now, well, not my friend, our friend is a part of the band, your friend, my friend, who's part of this band as well, who's not present. He was a part of Astro cowboy with me. And obviously, he's my longest friend and someone who I've played music with all my life. So I was like, hey, we need somebody to play bass. Do you want to come on this tour with us? And he was like, Sure, I remember at least was apprehensive about whether or not he was going to be a permanent member. Like she's like the sky. He lives in Boone, he goes to school at Upstate, we can't trust the Mountaineers where the Wolfpack so true, and, but it worked out, which is really cool. And then we've played since then. And then Yvonne started playing with us.

When around the time that Cameron joined, right, because Cameron would go back to school. And Bernie obviously couldn't come down from BU and every couple of days to work on songs like this. So we're like Yvonne, will you help us work on new songs, and then we're like, you should be in the band too. And then Cameron finally moved here. And like 2019 So now, we're all together one big happy family. Cool. But like,

Maddie 4:18
you released not an exit. I mean, like, was there any plans like because again, I mean, local bands pop up, and then people move places, people graduate college things happen, like, have you did you ever plan to like, make it not? I don't want to say make it this far, because that sounds mean, but like, make it to the point where you think you're going to record like a second album or something. I know I get what you're saying. But I would say I feel like we've always kind of had a very serious approach. I don't know. I don't think any of us have ever thought this would be like just a short fun, temporary brief. That makes one thing that makes me happy. I think we've all taken the band pretty seriously pretty much the whole time honestly. Yeah, for

Elise 5:00
Mi is exciting. And I like that it seems like we all equally really are invested in care about it. Yeah, I think it's I think it's cool because I think we all take playing music with each other and like writing songs seriously enough that it's not annoying, but it's like very rewarding and fun to do and like very intentional and so I think that we've always approached this project from like, a standpoint of just like doing what feels good and like working on music together and playing with one another like, feels good and has consistently and so I don't think that there's ever been any sort of like,

Travis 5:37
like conceptual like End Time to this I think that we've also like leave a lot of room on the table for one another where it's like if one of us is burned out to be like, let's like not play for little I know that I've definitely like, gotten burned out before and we like took a few months off from playing and like everybody else was like super supportive of that and like I think having tolerances for those kinds of things like actually can nurture and like help to ensure like longevity of a project. I think it's like interesting I feel like the optics of like a lot of popular artists and like seeing bands like on the rise to like trajectory of fame. It's like it almost seems as if they never take a break and then like when you're a smaller artist, I think I sometimes tricked myself into thinking like oh well that's what I have to do. I just have to like grind grind grind grind, but then that's just bad for the old brain surgery. I mainly like ask these questions because for my own like curiosity because I mean I feel like everyone just has the fear that like they're gonna wake up in their favorite band is like we're gonna break up and then you're like no And I know like like I said typically with like smaller bands that seems to happen a lot. So Truthfully, I'm just like, what if truth club just breaks up one day or something? So I'm glad to hear that hopefully won't happen anytime soon because I'm a pretty big truth club fan can't lie. So obviously that's why I'm doing the interview because I love your songs. So going off of your songs well thank you big fan. I'm just gonna like talk about a few of the songs so I guess this is where we will take our first break and the first song that I'd like to play for all the listeners too if they don't know what truth club sounds like to get a feel of what they sound like this first song is called student housing so I hope you enjoyed

Unknown Speaker 7:25

Unknown Speaker 7:42

Unknown Speaker 7:44

Unknown Speaker 7:48

Unknown Speaker 7:53
the font

Unknown Speaker 7:56
to give the new face a minor accent

Unknown Speaker 7:59

Unknown Speaker 8:08
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Unknown Speaker 8:11
you come around and take care

Unknown Speaker 8:37

Unknown Speaker 8:44

Unknown Speaker 8:55

Unknown Speaker 9:12
to the final lap of Mason

Unknown Speaker 9:23
even though he sees a car

Unknown Speaker 9:26
chase in the Embrace

Unknown Speaker 9:46

Unknown Speaker 9:50
the sensor for sensor was

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Maddie 10:23
Okay, you are listening to WKNC 88.1 You just heard student housing by truth Club, which based on Spotify streams, if that means anything is one of their most popular songs so did you guys like I don't know, I think you guys like picked that as a single or like why do you think like maybe that song like is the most popular? Like do you like that song? Are you glad it's the popular one? Or are you like tired of playing it or like speak on the success of the song basically? Well, there's a one word answer for why that's the most popular song and it's the algorithm. The algorithm with that, I mean, that song got put on a spot of life spot.

Travis 10:58
Spotify, fresh finds cool in the six strings playlist, stirring so I guess that's a guitar. Yeah, that's like a guitar.

Maddie 11:09
But what if someone played like a seven string and the guitar and you're like, I don't want my song on this playlist? I actually don't play a six string.

Travis 11:16
I'm pretty sure the algorithm can hear whether or not it's a seven string guitar. They will take off the song the songs off the playlist. Yeah, I mean, that's the reason why that song is the most popular I guess better. First, that was our last single Yes. No, that was our first single some single. I don't remember somewhere in it was

Maddie 11:40
it on a playlist? But honestly, these days like what does a single mean anymore? Back in the day? Like a single was like what is it the 45? Yeah, this is me being a young child and not knowing what the smaller ones are. Like, that's what a single was. But these days a single just means it comes out on Spotify. It's like

some teasers. I like that. Yeah, these are songs but uh, because it's called student housing. Is it inspired by a certain student housing, where all of I imagine if y'all were all freshmen here at NC State, at one point, you lived in student housing? Yeah. Speak on your experiences in student housing.

Travis 12:12
I mean, that's, like not I mean, the name of that song, like, only tangentially, I guess, has to do with what the song is about. But I think, I think when we talked about the album and stuff when I was writing lyrics, I mean, this is kind of just like a very, like a very nebulous concept. So it's kind of easy to make it sound like a concept or a coherent concept, but I don't know, I was just writing like, a lot of songs about like, space and like myself, the feelings associated with being inserted in certain spaces. And I think that that song, the reason I ended up being like, this should be what the songs about what the song is called, is just because, like, I think that that song speaks to a lot of like how I felt when I was a student living in my little house.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
It's really

Travis 12:59
simple. I mean, just, you know, just being in my bedroom and being like, all melodramatic. Yeah, at the age of ripe age of 20.

Maddie 13:08
Yeah, I don't mean to, like, discuss too much into like, the meanings of songs. But like, I specifically asked about that, because like, oh, I don't know how to explain this. But listening to the album, like, how do I just said, I don't know how to explain this. And I'm like, How do I explain it? It's like, it feels very

correct and right, like listening to the album. Makes me feel like I'm a college student like, and it's interesting, because like, none of the songs I don't think like directly talk about, like, the college experience. I mean, just like briefly, but like listening to that album, like it makes me it feels right. And I love it so much that I've already said that. I love the album.

Travis 13:45
Thank you. Um, I mean, I definitely felt like a college student when I was writing lyrics. I guess the transference of your

feel. Yeah, I guess the transference of feeling an aspect really, really happened. There's a three line there. And that's great. Let's see. I'm trying to think, Oh, this is a good time to bring this up. So on the topic of college, being a college student, you all were went to NC State. And we're all at WKNC Yeah, were you all DJs at a time? Oh, me and Alicia. Same thing are in the same. I always call it DJ limbo. Tori, two of our old roommates were also in the same DJ Limbo purgatory where we took the DJ training class. Yeah, passed the written test never signed up. You are not the first one. There's so many. It's insane. But Yvonne? She's got a whole different history with w WKNC. DJ Lord supreme? Oh, no. That means

Yvonne 14:44
um, yeah, I guess so. I, I took the DJ training class. And

it was funny because I didn't even know like really anything about college radio or local music.

Maddie 14:56
Did you come into the training class your freshman fall semester? Yeah, right.

Yvonne 15:00
Get off that so yeah, so I was like fresh little college student my third day of school here I saw like the Friday's on the lawn or the concert on the lawn.

And actually it What did you say? I told this to Elise actually a few days ago that it was, I think museum mouth and hey, Rocco museum mouth all the way here because they're from Wilmington

How did we get museum mouth all the way to come up to Raleigh for a concert on the lawn? Oh, they're all after Raleigh. Oh, that's cool Bri app, the GM at that time. Yes, queen, queen, UFC hotel that up. But anyway, so I found this and I didn't know that it existed or anything like it existed. I honestly barely knew that people could be in bands.

Or like, do anything cool. And I was like, wow, what? What is this? And then from there? I just like poured all my heart and soul into this. To these. It's not four walls. It's like a zillion walls.

Maddie 16:03
This area of the third floor of Wetherspoon.

Yvonne 16:07
Yeah, truly. And yeah, took on a bunch of different roles.

Here, back back in the day. Oh, yeah.

Maddie 16:15
I think it's always fun to look back on like the music tastes that you had at the time. So I took I don't know if this was like a nerdy thing to do. But um, in the interview y'all had with Laura in 2019. At one point they asked Do you like favorite albums or favorite bands? So? Okay, Elise you said parer I don't know how to I always get confused on pronouncing this band name. It's just pair like the fruit. Oh, spelled kinda. I always in my brain. It's like pair error. So I think that's a common thing that they get.

You said pair and lo Melda. You still like they're so cool.

Elise 16:51
I do like both

Maddie 16:52
very cool. Very awesome. And then Travis you said Sonic Youth which is one of my favorite bands. You still like Sonic? That's cool.

Travis 16:58
I mean, yeah. Their legacy, their legacy rock act. I feel like

Maddie 17:03
that is true. Yeah. And Sonic Youth is actually on an episode of Gossip Girl that I watched Oh really? The band or just their band,

Elise 17:12
the band as the band and they play like a chill version. Yeah, well, they like officiate a wedding and then play the wedding sick episode.

Travis 17:21
That's cool. What song do you know what song they play?

Maddie 17:24
I can figure it out. I don't remember right now you should find out but while you're finding out and then Yvonne you said pile Laura Stephenson and the joy for me a bowl this is just me not knowing how to pronounce band names.

Yvonne 17:35
Formidible yeah, those are all really great bands that I think I will love forever. What's the song?

Elise 17:41
They do an acoustic version of Star Power? Yeah, very cool.

Maddie 17:46
Often I don't watch that show but often check that out but

Elise 17:48
you should check it out. It will take up a couple of months of your life so great.

Maddie 17:52
So I said check out the entire show of Gossip Girl

Elise 17:55
Yeah it all it's a lot

Maddie 17:57
where can one watch Gossip Girl?

Elise 17:59
I think HBO Yeah, yeah. Lee says

Travis 18:05
I'm gonna I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this at least that's pretty astonishing tastes and television that's no

Elise 18:10
I'd say I'm I'm just watching the good stuff.

Maddie 18:14
Oh yeah, that's fine

Travis 18:17
I'm just saying I'm watching the good stuff at least yeah merch coming soon.

Maddie 18:22
I would buy I need to buy it. But um

before I ask questions, I should really like think about where I want to take them but I don't know like I remember when I came here as a DJ I was like exclusively listening to like, indie rock and especially like emo bands. A lot of that stuff like camp cope and Oso Oso are like two of my favorite bands at this time and I still love them but like my tastes has changed a lot. So like kind of branching off those previous questions as well as like the other question about like new music that's coming soon. Um, have y'all like picked up any recent influences or like new bands that are really cool like do you think this next album is going to sound like completely different like what are some cool new influence you've influences you've picked up from when you like first started recording and to now

Elise 19:10
I don't know if I'd say influence necessarily, but just in terms of like music we've been listening to I've been listening to the new Wednesday album like four times Shea amazing album. We'll look through my recently played to give you a better honestly exactly how to do it and my okay.

Maddie 19:31
Oh, while we're all thinking about artists, the new Wednesday album is good to our listeners. Listen to the new Wednesday. I really good God. Plagues by Wednesday. That's a good album. I over COVID sort of my family got Disney plus, because my sister is really, really into the Marvel movies.

Yvonne 19:54
And I went and revisited a bunch of those old like Disney Channel Movies.

Even childhood and I realized that all my favorites were the ones where there was like a teen Rock Band Oh yeah, um and just like reacquainted myself with all the you know like like

pink slip from like Freaky Friday and like all that stuff and

I don't know I really love I feel like a lot of the noise on those Wednesday on some of those Wednesday songs like gives huge shoes vibes like y2k

that I really love and I feel like it gave gives me permission to like

I don't know bring it into truth club for some I don't I mean, I don't know what what if I don't know, but I love it. I'm just this is strictly Wednesday. Love here. True. I'm gonna I'm gonna change it up. I will say yesterday. I listened to that new Dijon single many times and that song has been stuck in my head. Every hour for the past day. That's a really good song. It was this you John, how do you spell that? Like di Jon I think I've heard of this artists but have not listened that's like the like I've heard of them. But I like don't listen to them. Like I know them. But I don't like know them. But that song is brand new. Check it out. It's really good. Well, you can check it out. Yeah, you can check it out people. The song is out and you can listen to it if you're able to if you have access to the resources. Exactly. And because you said that that means I will be checking this out.

Maddie 21:36
Do you have anything else you want? Oh, yeah, I'm prepared with artists. Yeah, open up and scroll through my recently played but at one point when we were working on new songs. I was trying to figure out like some drum parts to some songs and so I was listening to some bands whose drummers I like so I was listening to

Elise 21:55
burnt sugar by Gaucho a really good album. And I was listening to some of love and I was listening to this band stuck that I really liked their drummer. Very cool. Oh, I super. I forgot about this. I had a phase during COVID also where I was super obsessed with speedy Ortiz, which is a band that is so crazy because I had the same thing. Oh my god, they're so good. Yeah, I'm genius.

Yvonne 22:22
Music Yeah, I would say that's a big influence. There's so cool.

Maddie 22:27
You wanted to add anything to the list?

Travis 22:30
Our friend Alex who lives in Texas put out an album like a month or two ago their products called Alex alone and it's really good it's in a lot of ways you said you like Sonic Youth a lot I feel like it's like in a huge way like Sonic Youth worship and like that great way that Alex alone all spelled as one word Yeah, our music director or daytime music director shout out Andrew added the songs from that too heavy rotation at the station yes let's go and I mean he adds obviously all of our music directors are constantly adding songs I don't check out everything but he added it to the super heavy rotation so I'm like might have to check that one out and especially since you said it's like Sonic Youth inspired then I definitely need to check that one out. So really good. That's very WKNC staple Alex alone is that how it's pronounced? Yeah, that's one very cool me just learning how to pronounce band names. Okay, so I guess we will cut into the next segment of the interview. The next song that I want to play for all the listeners is called not an exit it is the song that it has shared the same title with the album not an exit so this is not an exit by truth club and you're listening to WKNC 88.1.

Unknown Speaker 24:13

Unknown Speaker 24:21
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Unknown Speaker 24:29
eyes and how the fun Neeson can have your preservative mod and it will fine with them. missin news plays can't go but I've heard and then luck ribbon

Unknown Speaker 24:48
to face in another home

Unknown Speaker 25:27
Well quote funds you think in return on time I know that surely can kill me

Maddie 26:27
you are listening to WKNC Idiot point one I am here in the studio with truth club and I just played their song not an exit off of the album, not an exit. So some of the questions that I wanted to ask about the song specifically is I really like the, I don't know if this is the right word. This is honestly just me trying to use like music language, but I don't know what I'm saying. I like the like dynamics of the band, for example. And like not an exit. That's probably like, one of my favorite examples of your songs like where everything comes together because like the little guitar part at the intro, and then I'm gonna lap but like the part, at least you do on the drums, where it's like, did it through, like, Do you know what?

I really love that part. It just like it flows so well. And then like in student housing, the part where like after the first or second chorus when the music comes cuts out, and there's like a baseline, you know, the student housing, right? Yeah, I love like, I don't know if dynamics is the right word, but just the way that all the various parts of the band just fit together. I absolutely love that. So like, I guess talk a little bit about that. And like how you all fit the pieces together and stuff like that.

Elise 27:37
I can say something.

Like, I feel like my,

like dynamics and instrumentation are kind of the two ways that I describe all of that. Um, one thing that I definitely like about playing in this band and with these people is that I think we all probably Travis and I voice opinions the most often on like instrumentation or different stuff. But we all kind of it's not like we each individually write apart and just accept everything that everyone else does. We're always kind of talking back and forth and saying, Hey, it'd be cool. If you did this thing here, hey, can you try out this thing? Sometimes we'll have opposing ideas, and we have to kind of try both of them out and work through. But it's a very, I think we're all kind of thinking of the song as a whole and different things that we can do to either have it be a more interesting part on a certain instrument or have everything kind of fit together better.

Yeah, I don't know. It's very collaborative. For sure. Yeah. I mean, with arrangement stuff, like I obviously, I mean, I write, we make guitar music, I listened to a lot of guitar bands growing up, and like, you know, a lot of like, alternative bands from the 80s and 90s. And I feel like

Travis 28:50
80s and 90s alternative rock music is like very expressive with, like, at least dynamics. That's why I like so much. You know, I mean, like, the classic example is like the Pixies, right. And I like grew up listening to like, surfer Rosa, and like, do little a lot. And I was like, wow, loud, quiet, like, drastic. That's cool. And I don't know, I feel like when I tried to write songs, or think about arrangement, I definitely think like, try to think in drastic dynamics. And, you know, and sort of,

you know, if, if a band is like, the sum of its parts, like if there are only so many variables we can put in or take out, you know, it's interesting, like you're talking about with like a bass or the part where like, there's just a bass or something and then everything else cuts and like, it's very interesting to take those arrangements. And just think about, like, what elements can we take out and then bring back into like, create an effect. And I mean, like, Elise and I talked about this a lot because like she was saying, it's like her and I've started this band together and like have been writing songs together. I think like the longest out of the four of us.

I guess except for maybe cam

And because the

Elise 30:01
song is middle school, but I guess in this project, yeah. Like, at least always talks about how I have like a lot of like, I have a lot of like, innate understanding of like musical concepts. But I don't really have the language for it because I'm not like, classically trained or anything, at least, like played a lot of concert bands, yes, growing up. And so she has all of that language. And it's like, how it has helped me a lot, and sort of like, galvanizing my understanding of those concepts and like how to communicate them better. And I feel like, she's helped me a lot in terms of like, how to communicate songwriting aspects or like things that I want. And songs, which is super cool. Very cool. And I think we've also talked about this before, but Travis is definitely helped me kind of communicate less technical ideas. I'm trying to think of the right way to phrase this. I would. But it's yeah, it's kind of a mix back and forth of me being like, hey, Travis, it'll be more clear. You know, you're describing this rhythm in this kind of way. Like, that's what this rhythmic element would be called. But then he'll kind of have more expressive terms that are helpful to qualitative. Yeah, you got the qualitative and the quantitative. We got the English math, science. Six year English major.

Maddie 31:14
That's cool. There's nothing wrong with that six years strong.

Travis 31:18
Writing a feature length film called The six year English major, I'd see it sounds pretty cool. But a random side note, because you brought up 80s bands, I just have to ask this is just for my own curiosity. Do we have any early REM fans in the room? Um, my dad was a huge fan of murmur and played it all the time. And it is just like truly burned into my brain and also just makes me feel. It feels like it feels like road trips, like driving to grandma's house. And yeah, so it's driver aid and old REM Yeah, it's off their second album, fables of the reconstruct.

Maddie 31:55
reckoning. I can't believe this reckoning is their second album, drivers ages, they're off their third album. Doesn't sound like early, early. To me early REM is everything prior to green, which was their sixth album, okay. Yeah, I just had to bring that up because like I like because I never really thought about it that way. But now that like I heard you say that that is true in the 80s. They were like, truly just like using all the instruments and like bringing them together like you brought up the Pixies but from my own side, I guess. Rem is like my favorite early 80s band just like because of the album's like murmur Reckoning and fables of the reconstruction just the way they brought like everything together like the bass and the drums and the guitars and the vocals, which is everything in a band. But yeah, so shout out REM that's honestly just me going on a tangent about how much I love that band.

I'll get on that train. Oh, they're so good. I love our I feel like I mean, I completely know why it's because they're like 90s albums like automatic for the people and out of time like had the big hit so everyone just like knows like, Oh duh. That's me in the corner. What are the side that's me in the corner losing losing my religion yet everyone I think thinks of them as just some like 90s alternative band that just made like 90s Alternative Songs and I just feel like they're forgotten is like an 80s alternative band because kind of like their 90s work is over. incorrectly in my opinion. Like, overshadowed their like 80s work but yes, truthfully, we are in so much. Yeah. What's your saying that six albums in prior to six albums that's still young REM that's still old are Yeah, in my opinion. Yeah, that's cool. Well, then I guess that means that we still we're still a very young band. We've got what five to go. That's that's, that sounds good with young is the right word, but our musical Yeah. Oh, there's like there's a definite switch and from when their album started to be one sound moving into another sound. And because I don't know music language, I don't know how to define that sound. But like, yeah, their first five albums like document was on their last album that like had the sound and then green was them going I guess, for lack of a better term a more like mainstream direction, I guess. But I don't know. I guess y'all are still a young band. Yeah. If that's what you're asking about? Yes. I'm just making I'm just paying Drew. But um, I Elise you brought up like, I think this is funny.

My former boyfriend who's still like my best friend. He hurt. This is again going to be me not knowing about music, but I think like, you never talked to him. I don't think but I think he like okay, he came with me to double barrel and he saw you on drums and he was like, I think I know her because you played in some like ensemble thing at NC State. That sounds likely I did brass band for like a year and then I did one ensemble for four years. Yeah, I don't know what it's mean. But when it's almost just like a like a classical band, ensemble, just like band at NC State, kind of but it wasn't part of the marching band. No, I didn't do marching band in college, but I've I actually whenever COVID less than

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Bad I do want to join a classical ensemble. That's pretty cool.

Travis 35:04
Holiday Wind Ensemble Performance 2017 At least on timpani. unforgettable night. Incredible. Unforgettable. Is there a recording of

me? Yeah. I believe that I have some pics. Oh, I can pull them up after you play. Wait timpani timpani are the big drums? Oh yeah, it's like there's four of them and you sit on like a rotating like stool. And you it's the one that looks really dramatic when the one percussionist in the corner is like doing some like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, kind of stuff. Yeah, they sound really epic. You did also, I think in that trip, you played too many a little bit. You also did play vibraphone. Yeah, I usually play a lot of mallet percussion. From my piano beginnings. That's very cool. Looking at Viber phones on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace. I like how you say vibraphone is plural. That sounds very rare to find more than one on Craigslist. There was more than one. That's cool.

Yvonne 36:06
You know what, that's awesome. Or three, but there were plural. What's the next truth club album is gonna feature vibraphone? Literally, if I get my hands on one. Yeah, it is a vibraphone Oh my God.

Maddie 36:20
Because you're an engineering of freshman engineering did is designed a fed my project had the mechanical Music Maker. So we used a, what's a xylophone, but there's a certain word for it if the keys are metal. Um, so like a glockenspiel? Or is like the really small Yes, with metal. We used that. Okay, yes. So okay, wooden marimbas are wooden and telephones are also metal fiber phones. So then what's the difference between the vibraphone and the glockenspiel? glockenspiel are really small, you usually use hard mallets. And it's more of like a pinky versus vibraphone is in a lot of like jazz music and some other stuff. There's a really good mother's album that has a lot of vibraphone on it. Okay. Enjoy. I'm just trying to like think in my mind, if I can imagine what this sounded like so that I can comment on the fat next truth club album will have fiber phones, that sounds so it sounds on talyc. But you use a softer yarn mallet on it. And it has dampers on it kind of similar to the way

Elise 37:23
it's like the opposite of the way that piano dampers are. No, it's not the opposite. It's like you have to press the pedal down, so that the metal keys are not dampened. And then they'll ring out and also sometimes you plug it in, and there's like a rotor in there. So it has kind of like a woowoo loose like an organ.

They have a wound to kind of room, but it's like, got a little bit of like a woo. Going on. That's pretty cool. Not describing this well, instrument really pretty want to hear a great example an esoteric example of great use of vibraphone there's this song, my roommate, Jonathan Cruz, shout out to Jonathan Cruz.

Travis 38:02
It's like a cheesy soft rock song from the 70s called Moonlight feels right by a band called Starbuck. And there's a vibraphone solo in the middle of the song and it's pretty nuts. Okay, that's just throwing that out there. Definitely. We'll have to check that out. That's pretty awesome. I'll show that to you later. Please do yeah, I'll learn the solo. All right. Very cool. Well, I think that'll end this segment. And then I have like one final segment. So the next song and the final song that I'm going to play by truth clubs so that again, the listeners can kind of get a feel of what the band sounds like is tethering so this is tethering by tooth club off the album not an exit and you're listening to WKNC Ada point one

Unknown Speaker 38:49
was supposed to be

Unknown Speaker 39:02
couldn't help but see

Unknown Speaker 39:06
we're still spending

Unknown Speaker 39:13

Unknown Speaker 39:16
Oh is no

Unknown Speaker 39:28
slip from forest coma.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Sad says just seems to

Unknown Speaker 39:44
die this town

Unknown Speaker 39:47
reminded the Shasta house it's just serene. There is nothing

Unknown Speaker 39:55

Unknown Speaker 39:56

Unknown Speaker 40:00
waits for me sometimes

Unknown Speaker 40:08

Unknown Speaker 40:12
it feels so long

Unknown Speaker 40:15
in the bedroom place

Unknown Speaker 40:22
that says

Unknown Speaker 40:28
my mom cooks but

Unknown Speaker 40:35
still feels hollow

Unknown Speaker 40:43
realizing oh I

Unknown Speaker 40:49
found shelter

Unknown Speaker 40:53

Unknown Speaker 40:57
right James driving bass down

Unknown Speaker 41:04
coil con yo God hard yes

Unknown Speaker 41:14
I am homeless now

Unknown Speaker 41:41
my god

Unknown Speaker 42:02

Unknown Speaker 42:14

Maddie 42:39
you are listening to WKNC 88.1 That was tethering by truth club. I hope you enjoyed it and now we will start kind of like the last segment I guess. So I'm on tethering I picked that song to play last because it's probably my favorite truth club song. I just like I really relate to the lyrics um, can't lie just because this is hilarious when y'all played it at the Ruby Deluxe showcase at hopscotch. I think I shed a single tear and I was like, Well, yeah, that song like not to make this interview just all about talk about your lyrics like what do they mean? But I really like relate to all the lyrics about like, like really the line about like going back home and like my mom cooks breakfast, I just like I can relate to that. And just like all of that. So I guess on that note, like a lot of the lyrics kind of are like emotional for lack of a better word. And like earlier in the interview, Travis, you talked about how a lot of like, the lyrics are about like space and stuff. So can you talk about that? Like what like what the lyrical thing themes on the album kind of are? Yeah, I mean, I mean, to talk about tethering I mean, yeah, that's like, definitely a very heavy song for me too. So that makes sense. The single tears shed I've probably have shed those tears as well. The collective tear. Yep. And we all shed

Travis 43:56
but yeah, I don't know that song. I mean, that song is just about like, the city that me and Cameron grew up in. We were both from Wilmington. I guess I have to speak on his behalf because he's not here. We both grew up in Wilmington, and I can't speak to his experience necessarily.

But I don't know like Wilmington is just like culturally a very weird place. I think for like young people who are like interested in things other than the beach because there's not a lot else in Wilmington for young people to do other than go to the beach. And

you know, I think just being a generally emo and sensitive teen relatable I have made I made a lot of

strange memories trying to figure out things to do that weren't going to the beach with a lot of friends and I think every time I Wilmington just has a very complicated history in a lot of ways, like like socio economically and

Just culturally and a lot of those ways to and I think I just every time I go home and I learned a bit more about Wilmington history, and then also my personal history attached to it, it just it just feels very dissonant and it feels it feels bittersweet, you know, because it's like, obviously, like the place, it's my home, you know, quote, unquote, but it's also like, just really hard to reckon with how strange of a place it is. And also, I mean, not to be dramatic, but I mean, also and then just like, generally, I, you know, I can imagine that

I'm not the only person who, whenever they go back home to visit family, or, or otherwise, you know, after living somewhere else for an extended period of time, I'm not the only one who just feels weird in general, going back and thinking about I that place over there is where I had my first hamburger. I mean, like, probably more deep, deeper stuff. You know, for the sake of brevity, yeah. Yeah.

Maddie 45:58
Stuff like that. But I mean, yeah, it's just a song. That sort of, I don't know, I just felt very pensive, and emotional thinking about when I go home and stuff and how strange it feels like based off that I honestly because I don't, obviously, like I don't really know the history of band that much. I assumed that like all the street names in there were like places in Raleigh, and I was gonna, like, try to ride on my bike to all the streets and I'd be like, because I love the song. They're probably not in Raleigh. They must be in Wilmington, then allegedly, yeah, allegedly. I've never been to Wilmington, I get Wilmington in Charleston. Confusing. I just went to Charleston for the first time a few months ago. Well, Charleston is the Wilmington of South Carolina, so that would make sense. Especially according to the hit show Outer Banks on Netflix. Never heard of why you should watch Oh, that's like, yeah, that's the Molise TV right there. I actually haven't watched that

Elise 46:52
seems like something I would want. It's definitely a show that is especially entertaining. Isn't that the beach? No, it's like, drama. It's like, it's like One Tree Hill. But if there's a boat slip, or if there are more boat slips. Yeah, I've asked. This is just like me revealing how much I just don't know things like I've heard of one tree. One Tree Hill never watched it. I've never know what it's about. I've never watched it either. So I felt really nervous. Just making that analogy because I'll take your word on it. It sounds it sounds correct. I guess he was like, it's the Gossip Girl of the beat. Yeah. Elise has like, obviously way more authority to make that analogy.

Yvonne 47:33
Oh, it was filmed in Charleston. Right? Isn't that what you were saying? Right. Yeah, so not filmed in our real North Carolina Outer Banks. And why would that it's about the outer bank. But couldn't you like Wilmington is not even officially in the Outer Banks, which is hilarious. I think I knew it's farther down. Yeah. How far is it from the South Carolina border. It's like an hour and some change. Because it's like on the tippy tip. It's like sort of like a pendant similar thing off the end of the bottom of off together sometimes. The only thing like I honestly know about Wilmington is that museum mouth is from their museum. It's from Southport. I want to I don't want to do Carl. Okay. Well,

Travis 48:15
Southport is even like deeper into the how far away is it from Wilmington? It's like a 40 minute. Oh, okay. So they're not even from Wellington. So Carl lived in Wilmington for a while and Morgan. Carlos lived in Southport longer than he's lived in Wilmington. That's all he ever did. That's true. I don't want to do no Southport erasure in this interview. Sorry for Rillington I know you're not we don't erase the small beach towns of North Carolina. Shout out small beach towns. Yeah. Shout out Morehead City. I've actually never is Hilton Head and South Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina. I have never been to a North Carolina Beach. Pretty cool. Probably.

Maddie 48:57
I'm not a big beach person though. So that's why you liked out there Yeah, cuz

that's exactly why because tethering is actually just about how much the beat sucks anti beat song so true. othering is a beach erasers. The only beach that like I know a lot about is Myrtle Beach. I assume that's a beach we all know about. Oh, yeah, cuz that's what that's like, where everyone from my hometown went on a vacation like I guess if your family's more not at Nate Cherie. You go to the Outer Banks but if you're if you're not really into the beach, you go to Myrtle Beach because you go for the putt putt courses and stuff and my mom actually recently moved there like a month or so ago. So now like tethering is even like more emotional to me because like now the home that like I grew up in isn't even there anymore. And she's in Myrtle Beach now. So that's just been like weird. Not really weird to process but like, no kind of weird process like that home isn't there anymore. And now someone else lives there like yeah, what and if I go back home like my house isn't there anymore? Yeah, yeah.

They're weird, but anyways, tethering is good song. Listen, do check tethering out if you hate beaches too.

Okay, so kind of on that note, so I might be wrong about this. And if I'm completely wrong about this, we'll just cut this out of the interview, but I believe it should go to Sousa said on Instagram that you had known her for a while. Yeah. And that goes

Travis 50:25
I think well kit so Cameron, I guess I incorrectly said that Cameron Van who plays

stringed instruments in this band who's not here? Yeah, is my oldest friend. But I guess technically Indigo is my oldest friend because her her

parents, her mom and her stepdad have mutual friends with my dad. And so when we were we children, single digit age, I guess they like came down from the mountains to Wilmington to visit that mutual friend one time and we ended up playing in the on the beach together. So cool. And then I didn't see we didn't see each other again for like

five or six years. I don't know, essentially, we became like actual friends when we met up in a serendipitous random place like that. When we were like, 14 and we like played some guitars together and talked about how we wanted to be rock stars or whatever. I don't know, we wanted to be musicians. And then we kind of have loose leak. It's like it's cool. Because when we I started hopscotch and we sort of caught up and I've talked about how, like, for all intents and purposes like our friend like we should have, our friendship should not have endured because we were really bad at keeping up with each other for a while. But we kept running into each other over the years. And I guess, I don't know. I guess cosmically, we're just supposed to be friends. I mean, she's great. Her new albums. Amazing. I'm really excited. I think we're all really excited to be playing these shows with her. Yeah, um, I might, again, this might be wrong. But is this the first time you've ever played shows? No. We played a show with her in Raleigh and 2018 at Kings with lilac shadows, as well. That was a fun show. But that was just like one show. So this is kind of the first tour even though y'all are only on three. Well, we're Yeah, we're only playing. We're playing these two dates that are coming. And then in November, we're playing her rescheduled album release show at the Gray Eagle in Nashville.

Yvonne 52:28
Very cool. I feel like we've played together. Y'all played at Mar Margaritaville. Oh, yeah.

Travis 52:35
We played a house show in Nashville with her too. And like 20. That was also 27 was that 2017 2018? Two? Yeah.

Maddie 52:46
Yeah. So then, like, how was it like, because I know you said, you were like thinking back to when you were younger and playing guitars together and talked about like, wanting to be a band. How was it like now like, you get to open for her band, like this person that you've known all these years? That's pretty cool. Yeah, I mean, it's really cool. I mean, I think what's even cooler than that is just seeing how successful her music is becoming at a very rapid way. Like, you know, it's cool to play with, you know, it's cool playing with your friends. I'm like, just as happy to play with her as I would be any of my other friends. But I'm just really proud and like, happy to see how successful she's becoming because she's worked really hard. And I know that she's wanted this like since we were kids. So you know, shout out Indigo to Susan that's probably not a real name, but I'll just call her her real name. You just really Yeah, that's such a cool name. Shout out Indigo to Susan for being cool and also having a really cool name. But yeah, I brought that up to kind of like as a tie in towards the end of the interview. So for those of you who don't know this interview is kind of

the Okay, here's the information. This interview is kind of like talking about the show that is happening on Monday with Indigo D'souza the truth club is opening for so this interview I believe should be playing on Sunday. So if it is playing on Sunday, the show is tomorrow at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. Doors at 730 Show is at 830 and you can go to cat's For any more information, but I am excited to go to the show we have a lot of DJs at the station going I'm just I'm very excited to see both truth club and indigo D'souza play because this will be my first time seeing Indigo D'souza live Yes, pretty sure. So um, do you guys have anything else to add about the show or any final comments? I guess.

Yvonne 54:26
We're really excited to play the cat's cradle. It's kind of like a dream. Oh, that's a good point. Yeah, playing the big stage at cats feels. That's really cool. Pretty, pretty nuts. Have you ever played the backstage back room? I have with a different band.

Maddie 54:43
So truth club hasn't even played the back room and now they're playing the big room. I've never even gone to a show in the big rooms. So I don't know what it's like. Kind of big. Yeah, big room. True. I have a question. What was it like? I guess to like, find out because I actually originally wasn't going to be

able to go because it was in the back room and it got sold out and my heart was broken especially because y'all were announced his openers after had sold out and I was like, Are you kidding me? Like one of my favorite bands is opening and it's sold out. And I just like I looked around, I like messaged all my friends. I was like, does anyone happen to have an extra ticket? And like everyone else was like doing the same thing, trying to find extra tickets. And then it got moved to the front room. And I was like, oh my god, I'm so excited. So I was really bummed before it got moved. Because my my first thoughts was I was like, Oh, it sucks that I can't really invite anyone. Yeah, first local show that we're playing and like a year and a half. So

Elise 55:38
free. Yeah, just the fact that people can attend now, if they would like do is very nice. Frankly, considering how quickly it sold out. I was like, There's no way it's not gonna get moved. So I was very, yeah, that was

Travis 55:53
that I mean that it did get moved. I was gonna be shocked if it didn't. So, um, I mean, she's blowing up. That's good information to know, because I don't know how often venues or I guess it has to be a venue like cat's cradle that has two rooms will move shows to the bigger room if they sell out well, and if there's not another Yeah, if there's another show going on. But that's good information to keep in mind just for me going forward that if there's a band playing the back room, and it gets sold out, and I'm sad, there's a chance it could get moved to the bigger room. If a band isn't already playing. There's a chance I'm no I'm not a representative of cats. Like you said

Maddie 56:28
it would get moved to the big rooms. So I had a I had a spidey sense I had ESP that would get and it did and now we're here and I get to see y'all play and y'all get to play Yeah, very cool. I guess at this point any final thoughts on the interview? oh, where can people listen to you check you out everything that they say it at end of an interview well

Travis 56:56
if you

want to support if you want to put money in our pockets come to the gig if you think that you may want to do something like that. That sounds good. You could purchase a tape if you are interested in doing that as well from us at said gig

if you're interested in giving some money to our former record label, who will not be named Noah

Noah Baltimore.

And also a little bit of that money will go to us then you can listen to us on Spotify or other streaming services if you so desire or buy our tape on the internet if you so desire. Yeah, all right.

Elise 57:46
Internet he he means Bandcamp yeah on the internet and

Yvonne 57:51
shout out Bandcamp the internet we also have Instagram and Twitter and stuff yeah find us but we don't really post a lot on either of those things. We're an offline we're are we're a phones down band. No I'm just kidding. You post when there's important information to post about like upcoming shows we try important in quotation where Yeah, well what are those ads the handles the handles as the kids these days are all at join truth club join truth club. You can join truth club by following through the club if you so desire.

Last thing that I have to say is that cam asked me to tell everyone to it's a nice

take a deep breath of love.

Travis 58:40
Oh wow. That's nice

Maddie 58:47
thank you you can

Travis 58:50
or you can take two deep breaths. I need a little bit extra love

Maddie 58:55
ASMR Yeah, sure. Okay, well that pretty much wraps up the interview. I hope you enjoy this interview also, it will be able to listen to in the dot podcasts. It will be on our off the record podcast so you can enjoy it at any time in the future. And once again, this has been WKNC interviewing truth club for their show tomorrow at Cat's Cradle opening for Indigo D'Souza. Thanks for having us. Thank you so much for having

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